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JK2/JKA Server browser 1.4

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About This File

Server browser for JO/JA with many supported masterservers. You can also customize the masterserver settings in settings.ini.

You are able to join server directly from the browser. The browser includes favourite list and a server guard, which will inform you when someone has joined the guarded server.


For further instructions please read Oobah's comment below.


You need Java to run this server browser.



What's New in Version 1.4


  • Updates:
  • - Sorting bug fixed [22.8.2014 0:57]
  • - JK 1.02 & JKA 1.00 & JKA 1.01 support added, settings.ini added [23.8.2014 22:02]
  • - Server filters added, ping added, real player count on Players-column added, server count added [26.8.2014 14:00]
  • - Ping column added to the table, support for ouned's masterserver added [9.9.2014 18:30]
  • - Quick fix for ouned's modified masterserver [27.12.2014 15:30]
  • - Colors added to server and player names, server guard added, new settings [7.1.2015 16:09]
  • - Support for jkhub and customizable masterserver added, favourite list added [11.1.2015 22:19]

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Keep up the good work!


For those who are confused.  File is currently, quite literally, 170kb's archived, 466kb's unpacked.


The .jar file is the server browser itself.  The .ini is for setting up the file pathing to your game clients for JO/JA as well as setting up for which game client you want it to read to first.


JO = Ouned

JA = Hub


Can save direct IP's to the favorite list, it's a simple notepad file so you can copy and paste all server IP's directly to that.

Also you can add a custom master list to it as well incase the hub or ouned goes down.  The default masterlist is also supported by this browser.

You can join games directly via the browser as well so you don't need to in any way go in game to see servers, you can just load up the .jar file and see all servers that are currently up and running via this little tiny server browser.  If anyone is stuck or curious feel free to ask. :winkthumb:


Since by default this master list is setup to start the ouned 1.04 JO server list.  Change your settings .ini under the game file paths to this for JA 1.01 jkhub master list.


Browser can also filter empty and bot only servers to show only the servers that have real players currently in game as well.  So no more having to deal with people padding servers with bots to get people to join. :rolleyes:

#Change default selected version (versions: jk2 1.04 = 0, jk2 1.02 = 1, jka 1.00 = 2, jka 1.01 = 3)
version = 3

#Change default masterserver (0 = masterjk2.ravensoft.com, 1 = master.ouned.de, 2 = master.jkhub.org, 3 = custom masterserver)
masterserver = 2

#Enable botfilters on startup (0 = no filters, 1 = empty&bot, 2 = empty)
botfilter = 0
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