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  1. Yea. I have a feeling that I did end up forgetting to get it, that's all. ::(((((
  2. I could have sworn I got it, but I don't seem to have it anymore. Was it just a free weekend or was it a proper free game giveaway?
  3. Hey AuriusPheonix! If you haven't already, check out the Tutorials section of JKHub. There's a bunch of tutorials for a bunch of things including creating your own lightsaber. https://jkhub.org/forums/forum/161-modelling/ Search for Lightsaber. :) Some of these may be very old, so keep that in mind. Good luck!! Jack
  4. There are more recent versions of Blender, such as 2.9, you might want to have a look into. Good luck!
  5. If that's not it, then it may be because there is a loose vertex around somewhere that is not apart of/not connected to the main mesh. You'd need to find the loose geometry and either remove it or unwrap it/fix it to be in working order. One way of finding it would be to go to Edit Mode, Face Select, select some faces and hit CTRL + 'L' then 'H' to hide all faces. Do that until all your faces are hidden, then go to Vertex Select and hit 'A' to select all vertices that were not selected with your Face Select. That should show you where you got vertices that are not apart of your main mesh. In Edit Mode, hit ALT + 'H' to un-hide the mesh you hid by using 'H'. I hope this helps! Let us know how it goes. :) Jack
  6. Hiya Darth Rexie! It's saying that a section of the head_face mesh still has uv coordinate issues (multiple UV vertices when selecting 1 vertex along the seam). You gotta find the trouble spot and edge split it, I believe. Good luck! Jack
  7. Hey pliskin. If you're working with Blender 2.80, have a look at this beginner tutorial. https://cgcookie.com/course/learn-blender-2-8-the-basics-tutorial All the best! Jack
  8. Hiya Pariah72. One possibility is that your "l_hand" & "r_hand" triangles may be misplaced. If I remember correctly, where those triangles are, is where the lightsaber will be positioned (Not sure about the rotation of lightsaber though, but maybe that affects it too). So check that out and let us know how that goes! Good luck!
  9. Hi Stryker. I don't think there is a way to simply snap the mesh onto the bone. You'd need to manually rotate the mesh, using the top of the leg as the pivot point, into position. Look into using a thing called 'Proportional Editing' which will automatically adjust nearby unselected vertices as you rotate to get a smooth result. Jack
  10. Dude that's so kool! It's awesome to see the actual code that makes bunnyhopping a possibility and the comments that the programmer wrote, "allows bunnyhopping" :D. Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you got it working like you were wanting! :) ooeJack
  11. Oohhhhh! That! Yea man. Of course you can do that! Sorry I didn't catch that before! That required 3 separate icon files, named: "icon_default" "icon_red" "icon_blue" These icons have to be saved where your default icon is saved, which is in the "base/models/players/<Your Model/Character/Project name>/". In there you put your 3 icon files as listed above. If you've already got your icon_default set up, then you'll do fine with getting a red and blue version of it. When you use your red and blue version of your character, the game will use the red/blue icon. :) I think this is what you're looking for. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!
  12. Ah well, sure. Ofcourse you can. You just change the icon file in photoshop or something similar and save it in the same location and name as the original icon file. If you're talking about it changing colour while in-game, animating from colour to colour as you're playing, then I'm not too sure.
  13. Hiya Maui. Are you talking about the icon that you see when you look at the character in the Profile in-game? Or when whoever is in first place, if they're playing that character, then the icon shows at the top?
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