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This is what half a week of JKHub looks like




Four days of JKHub

JKHub has now been online for about four full days. I figured I'd show some fun statistics, graphs, and images about our opening.




The following graph shows the number of registrations JKHub has had over the past 7 days:



There's a huge initial peak when we opened up JKHub as lots of users first discovered it. After that, it seems to stabilize somewhere around ~10 new registrations a day. Bear in mind that August 28th isn't over yet, so it may not be entirely accurate.


Page views

Here's the page views over the same period of time, meaning the number of times a page from our website has been displayed on a user or visitor's screen. Bear in mind that, once again, August 28th isn't over yet. It's also important to note that this statistic includes some websites hosted by JKHub under a subdomain.




The same peak around August 24th and 25th is visible here. We start out, right at launch, with around 20.000 pageviews in a single day. After that, it drops, and stabilizes around 10.000 pageviews daily. Before our opening, we had roughly 2.000 pageviews daily.


Unique visitors

Now let's break it up into unique visitors. Over the past seven days, we have had 2.248 unique human visitors across JKHub.org and subdomains. There's some margin for error here, and in practice, it'll be more like 2.000. We've seen roughly 244 unique search engines (like Google and Bing), and 334 unique malicious visits - spambots and hacking attempts. In practise, that'll be more like 400.


I declare it to be pies o'clock. Have a pie chart.



Threat origins

So, where are the spambots and the likes coming from? By far most of them are coming from Ukraine. After that, there are also a few from the USA, Lebanon, Singapore and Russia. There's more locations they're coming from than this, but those are negligible amounts. These are just the top five.






Where are our visitors coming from? Turns out: people are talking about JKHub all over the internet, and it varies wildly. We are currently receiving visitors from roughly 130 different legitimate links. Here's the top twenty:



Closing notes

These statistics should be taken with a grain of salt. Some methods of analytics are more accurate than others, and it's impossible to get precise numbers on some of these - just estimates. However, the analytics tools we're using to gather these statistics are some of the most accurate available.


All in all though, they're cool and interesting to see, and I figured you guys might like them. :)

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