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JKHub & GOG team up for May 4th



It's May 4th again!
Okay, yes, I know, we're technically one day late posting this. But nonetheless: happy Star Wars Day, and May the 4th be with you all! By now, I'm sure you've all seen Star Wars discussions pop up across the net. One of the coolest thing I noticed: a huge player boom. This is completely unscientific as I haven't been purposely recording statistics, but I noticed about 100 more active players than usual ingame at peak times yesterday, as well as a significant increase in visitors browsing JKHub. With several big retailers having sales on Star Wars games, it's not all that surprising. I want to talk about one of those retailers specifically today: GOG.com. They did something awesome.


GOG.com partnership
GOG.com contacted us about a May 4th partnership with JKHub. This week, they're having a Star Wars sale (among other games, you can get JKA for $2.49), and they're trying to spread the word. But also: they were interested in showing their users some more about Jedi Academy. JKHub staff were invited to pen a guest article on GOG.com, talking about what JKA is like these days, and why people should check it out.


The article - link below - highlights several cool mods, discusses how to get started with JKA as a new player, and talks about various play styles in about 800 words. It's very much aimed at people who aren't already JKA players, but nonetheless, it should hopefully be interesting to you guys too. With some luck, the article will lead to a bunch of new players checking out JKA. The article also has a giant duck in it, because of reasons.


I just want to give a huge shout-out to GOG.com for doing this - it was really cool writing an article for them, and getting a chance to promote JKA. Definitely give them some love if any of their sale looks interesting to you, and check out some of the other Star Warsy things they're doing this week too! Major props to them for helping grow the JKA community.


[button=https://www.gog.com/news/guest_article_going_back_to_jedi_academy]Read the GOG.com article about JKA[/button]
[button=https://www.gog.com/promo/20170502_special_promo_star_wars]Buy some ridiculously cheap SW games[/button]

By Caelum, in Community News,

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That's awesome! Nothing bad ever came from more exposure. ^.^


(Unrelated, the two links at the bottom of the page are difficult to read!)

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There's always a boost in the player base with these sales, maybe the MBII servers will be full again like last year!

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I wonder if we get an official release out for OpenJK we could get mentions on the gog site with this partnership.

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I've always found it so interesting how multiplayer-centered people are about JA. To be fair I suppose multiplayer keeps any old game alive. That being said I was always much, much more of a single player guy with the Dark Forces saga. 

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GOG is awesome. I bought several games from them. I hope they will stay true to their current principles and traditions, where they allow people to have fun and freedom, while they as a seller have a reasonable control over the released products.

If you buy a game – you do actually get a game, which is a rare thing these days.


I am glad, that a few years ago they made a way for old Star Wars games, which was a big surprise at the time. I am looking forward to playing The Phantom Menace video game, released by GOG one day. :)

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