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Introducing: the Jedi Knight Wiki


It's finally here

Some time ago, I made a poll about the idea to create a JKHub wiki. The idea was very well-received, and I've been working on it ever since. Today, I'm happy to unveil the result: the brand new Jedi Knight Wiki.


Why a wiki?

There have been several attempts at creating wikis for Jedi Academy (And Jedi Outcast to a lesser extent) in the past. The now defunct JA Holonet project is one such attempt, and several clans have created wikis of their own as well. That said, there is currently no single, up-to-date, active wiki for Jedi Academy, and given our site's position, I felt we should change that.


Using a wiki, it becomes possible for any member of the Jedi Knight community to contribute their knowledge. While our tutorials database is a an important source of knowledge, a wiki is editable by anyone who wants to edit it (with security measures to prevent abuse). Our aim is for the wiki to become a central database of JKA knowledge, with articles on anything from mods, to clans and players.


What happens next

There is a lot of work to do, and our staff can't do it alone. We have created a number of categories, but articles still need to be written. We're relying on you - the community - to help fill our wiki with high-quality, unbiased content. As such, I'd like to request that any player willing to do so creates articles on our wiki. Some things you could create articles about:

  • Mods, such as MB2, Japlus, and so forth
  • Yourself. No, seriously. You can have your own player profile on the wiki, if you write it.
  • Your clan. We have a category for that, too.

The list goes on. In the coming weeks, we will be filling the wiki with as much high-quality content as we can, with your help. We will also be fixing bugs, making small cosmetic improvements, and so forth.



With the wiki now being released, we will also be retiring various pages over the course of the coming weeks. You might notice our navigation has changed a little:

  • The 'about' page now links to a wiki article.
  • The links directory has been retired in favor of wiki categories.
  • We will be migrating tutorials to the wiki in the coming weeks, then retiring the tutorials section.
  • We will be migrating - and have already migrated - a number of other pages to wiki articles.

Looking ahead

With the community's contributions, JKHub will hopefully be able to act as a framework to create a proper database of Jedi Knight knowledge - one that is active, maintained, and future-proof. If you want to help, go ahead and write an article on whatever or whoever you think is worth documenting.


You can find the wiki on our navigation, or by clicking here. :)

By Caelum, in Community News,

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Just to let you guys know, I have let EFF and EK aware of the wiki's existence....if it works, we can have more people contributing.

They don't already know of it?

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Go for it. The more, the better. :) 



Certainly, I'll be sure to pass this along to the gang at the Allied Force Lords. :)

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EDIT: Nvm.


Could someone make a help page explaining the BBcoding the wiki uses to do things?

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Some of the categoriess are kinda weird. There is one category for clans, one for active clans and one for competitive clans. Maybe it would be better to have just one clan-category.

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Some of the categoriess are kinda weird. There is one category for clans, one for active clans and one for competitive clans. Maybe it would be better to have just one clan-category.

Perhaps, though the several categories can make it easier to find what you're looking for - some users may be looking for the history of clans which may no longer necessarily be active, some users may be searching for a clan to join which is active, and others may be looking for something on the competitive side.

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Wow nice, a Wiki!


I'm going to write lots of stuff about makermod...I've been gone for awhile, so I still have to remember everything...no matter!

I often get asked alot on servers how to create a makermod script, even though its as simple as creating a cfg text file, so I might add a tutorial for that.


I feel like I'm forgetting something...oh yes


UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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