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Caelum returns, JKHub holds survey


Caelum is staff

Most people who have been keeping up with JKHub news will already knows this: I'm back. Hi. We hit the first $99/month Patreon goal a few days ago: which said:

I will un-retire and return as JKHub staff member. I'll actually dedicate quite some time to it. JKHub will see a lot more news articles, improvements, and activity. I'll be holding lots of polls to see what people are interested in and what I should start with.]

I've spent the past couple of days working things out with the other staff and making sure they're still okay with all this (admins were consulted on it beforehand though, it's not like I just came up with this alone without asking). Plus I've been asking a lot of practical questions about how things I don't understand work. I've been gone for the past 4-ish years, so I had - and still have - quite a lot to catch up with. That said, I'm now very much un-retired, and starting work on a number of things.


For those who don't know who I am: good to meet you! I came up with the idea of JKHub, and created it (with a lot of help). I also worked as JK3Files reviewer once, and in much darker days, I ran a couple of JKA clans. I retired years ago, and have since focused on running my commercial hosting business, which has grown to host 30+ JKA servers (plus other things, like websites), and which I'm still working on fulltime. Any rumors about me are all true: I am actually a Nazi lizard alien cleverly pretending to be human. Don't listen to anyone who says I'm secretly a woman though. They lie and deserve horrible death. :lol:


On a more serious note, here are some of the things I'll be working on (in no particular order):

  • The JKHub 2.0 redesign (immediately instead of in a number of months if we hit the next Patreon goal).
  • As a part of the above, making the wiki usable and less broken.
  • Increasing the frequency of interviews, articles, and news about JKA and the community.
  • Fixing broken website things.
  • Trying to resolve some people's frustrations with JKHub, its current state, other users, etc. I've heard a lot of frustrations with JKHub through the grapevine, plus seen some negativity on the forums, and I'd like to see if there's anything I can do about them. Disclaimer: I can only address people's frustrations if they tell me what their frustrations are.
  • Encouraging more lurkers to try posting & participating on JKHub, and hopefully, encouraging some people who stopped using JKHub because of frustrations or other issues to come back.
  • Whatever other changes seem like they're important and good ideas (hence the survey below). This whole list is intentionally incomplete.

Some of the things I can also do, but which you probably won't see me doing very much because I feel I should be spending my energy on other things, and current staff are doing fine without me:

  • Forum moderation
  • Posting in forum threads often
  • File approvals
  • Answering emails, contact form submissions & simple questions other staff members know the answer to as well
  • Resolving conflicts between users unless you specifically ask for me in particular to be involved.

Essentially I can do everything other staff can do too, but I'll be focusing my time and energy on different things for the most part, where I feel it'd be better spent right now.


You can generally contact me through PM, and I pretty much live in the JKCommunity Discord chat too. If you want to talk or have a question for me, don't hesitate to get in touch, though it sometimes takes some time (and/or some repeated harassment) for me to respond since I have errands to run, a real actual serious hosting business to manage (I feel like such an adult), a to-do list the size of a small planet, and even some semblance of a social life.


The JKHub survey

One of the things I'd like is to get people's opinions about the current state of JKHub. Whether you're an active user or just lurk here, I'd like to know what you think about the site, what you like about it, and what your frustrations are. To help, I've created a survey. It should only take about 5-10 minutes to fill in. It'll help the rest of the staff and myself get very useful feedback, and it'll help me get my bearings. You can find a link to it at the bottom of this post; I'd really appreciate it if as many people as possible filled it out. If you have some free time, please take a look at it.


The survey is anonymous, and answers will only be shared with JKHub's staff.


Side note

On a tangential side note: you might notice the 'JKHub admin' and 'JKHub staff' badges got merged into a single 'JKHub staff' badge. We had a discussion about whether it's still useful to have the distinction, and decided to fold both roles into a single one. Nobody has been demoted or left the staff or whatever. Just saying.


Patreon fundraiser still ongoing

The patreon fundraiser described in the last news post is still ongoing, and we'd really like to hit some of the other goals. If you haven't, please check it out below and consider contributing to it. As a reminder, these are the most important goals:


ACHIEVED: At $99/month

I will un-retire and return as JKHub staff member. I'll actually dedicate quite some time to it. JKHub will see a lot more news articles, improvements, and activity. I'll be holding lots of polls to see what people are interested in and what I should start with.


At $199/month

The JKHub 2.0 overhaul will begin immediately, instead of waiting longer. It will be the biggest face lift in the history of JKHub, featuring a clean, modern redesign based off constant feedback from the community. It won't be one of those crappy corporate redesigns that suck - it'll be awesome.


At $299/month

JKHub will never need donations again. I will pay for JKHub costs out of my own pocket (through these Patreon donations). Also, we'll create a cool custom server tracker that's infinitely better than Gametracker and Jeditracker.


At $499/month

I will offer unlimited free JKA & JKO servers to the community. Seriously. No strings attached. You ask, you get a free JKA/JKO server. Any mod, no restrictions. Nobody will ever need to pay for a JKA/JKO server again. I'd really like to hit this goal.


C9IpW6C.png DVxjtlV.png

Current amount donated: $128/month

By Caelum, in Site news,

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