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  1. Ok, I automatically rated it 1 star because I couldn't play it.
  2. I rated it 1 star because it didn't work correctly, despite my following the directions exactly. That is more then fair.
  3. Good job. Wish there were more options, but it's fine.
  4. I'm having issues with it; the face is warped and part of one of the arms is gone.
  5. Excellent map. Mind if I include it in a pack of KOTOR stuff I am putting together? Credit will be given.
    I consider this the most essential mods for Jedi Outcast. Your work is much appreciated.
  6. So I have an idea for a Jedi Outcast mod which will change all the blaster sounds to real world gun sounds. Where would I go to get started doing that, what sort of software would I need?
    It's not really the version we got in the Clone Wars, more what we got in the old Visionaries story "Old Wounds"
    Only problem is she is on the wrong team. Other then that, perfection. Will you make a helmetless version?
  7. Drybert

    Cuis Clone


    The Cuis Clones were clones of an assassin who was slain by Darth Vader. anywho... npc spawn cuis_clone playermodel cuis_clone
  8. Drybert

    Sergeant Kreel


    Sergeant Kreel, from the Star Wars comics To spawn: npc spawn kreel to play as: playermodel kreel Have fun!
    How do I just get the stances, because that is really all I want.
  9. Not a bad model. Needs the proper lightsabers though. https://jkhub.org/files/file/267-komari-vosas-lightsaber-hilts/
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