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Clone Wars Stances and Effects Mod v6

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This mod alters the games animations and stances..alot. Looking for a more familiar feeling like in battefront, EPIII the game, or jedi power battles? well this is that mod bringing new stances and swings, jumps, taunts, running, walking, the list goes on. also included in the mod is new lightning effects, saber blades, and clashing effects along with new sounds for all of that. plus star wars hilt overwrites that have their own specific qualities for each. Sounds complicated? well to make it more complex I have made it compatible with Moviebattles II, forcemod3, Ja+. The previous versions of the this mod share some of the same stuff although added tweaks and a few changes here and there make it better.I have scrapped the OJP feature more likely due to that projects work is so hard and fast that I dont want to mess with it.


If for whatever reason you'd like to remove some of the added animations feel free to just use pakscape and copy the base animations you would want and replace it in the CW6 animation.cfg A more detailed process can be given if you just PM me. :P


Thanks to: makers dragon software for giving me the tool to do this, Don Kain for his work so long ago, JA+ team, MBII team.


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Try it just now. Wearpon animation is great, walk with saber and stances, reflecting blaster bolts animations - just perfect. But those jumps...omg...there is no way that i can play with it on any server, I've got killed before i can say "Jedi scum" xD If there is the way to remove those jump animations and back to default ones, please, tell me how to do that thing.

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How do I remove the weapon animations? it crashes when I try jedi outcast in jedi academy

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Wanted to use that stance palpatine has with the saber held down out front, but these stance numbers don't even work.. instead the char just sticks his arms out in the "jumping jack" position when i use the line for the stances.

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I'm running Knights of The Force and I can't seem to get this to work, because each time I try it crashes whenever I start a new game or load an old one.

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KOTF is just stolen content mixed together. Why use it? The camera/npc stuff are mods that can be found here. 


Tried it on ''Knights of the Farce'' and it worked,but loading times take forever. Don't know what you do and it doesn't work.

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Please get rid of the saber stance and the jump animations I like the weapon stances how do I get them separate?? 

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I really like this mod, the new effects and stances, especially the new effects for force lightning.

I just would like to get the original effects for lightsaber cut trails when we touch another player or NPC and not just a "flash" with no marks on the opponent body. Could someone tell me which part of the pk3 should be removed?

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Ok so I just want the animations but not the hilts, since I already have a hilts mod I like, but whenever I use these mods without the one that adds in the hilts, it doesn't work, everyone's just spread-eagle.  They look like they're all trying to tell me they once caught a fish this big.  Is there any way to fix this so that I can use my hilt mod AND get the animations?

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