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  1. Not offended. I could have done better, but I am lazy. I ain't getting paid for doing any of it.
  2. Hirmanator

    JK3Files Shuts Down

    Well, there is little I used out of those files that wasn't a popular mod to begin with. Maps may be the biggest loss.
  3. One day I will return to this vintage game to contribute again...but man it is a whole decade already...and we JUST got the source code a year ago. I hope some coders return.
  4. Doing something without my permission? It doesn't matter as long as you say where you got it all from...
  5. So I have the crawl animations if you want those too. Or were you going to post those when you got the code figured out?
  6. ok, now i know those are the animations I made for JKG. just saying....
  7. Not so secret if I know what it is. teehee
  8. More detailed textures instead of just recoloring the crumby texture work the last guy did. Which wasn't me
  9. I think I am still working on Jedibetrayal but college and work are taking priority like always and sitting down to weight models at least for me is like staring at paint dry. I have a side project with AOD members, I have CW7 which I have to update with new anims from MB2 in it for compatibility. I am still working on that mace windu that I have to weight and possibly remodel again because some dingus did it wrong (looks at self). Ya, there is stuff here that doesn't get done.
  10. I think this is the longest discussion I have started. ever.
  11. You may want to tweak that single stance so he is not floating off the floor. I tweaked it in v7 but I haven't released it yet.
  12. I was sad when I lost all the files I had on pcgamemods. I will be more sad when mods disappear from jk3files. I swear if jkhub dies...
  13. DF and MOTS were pretty successful story wise. MP was still in its infancy for this series. but like any sequel the stories told in the beginning is what drew me to JKO and JKA. Without DF and MOTS. I wouldn't be here...
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