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  1. There is no money in a remaster without some loot boxes.
  2. well, its been awhile. I realized I didn't finish all the Narshadaa textures. When I am done with that Yavin is all that is left. I am tempted to change out right the bottles since they are all completely flat, and maybe just put a door over them with a window.
  3. Actually its pretty simple if you know how to do a batch action. I just put the textures in a folder then run the batch action in that folder, and then it processes each texture automatically with the same actions. I the check each texture and correct any errors or change out for different texture if the results are not that good.
  4. I get that idea as well ashura. The color change was also from the upscale as I ran a color correction with it. I also tried going subtle at first, but I wanted something more noticeable. A scratch or dent here and there does not strike the eye as much. I could scale back the dirt in another batch. add different example later today. The only maps left are yavin and kejim.
  5. I tried that initially but decided there wasn't much difference than using the photoshop 2.0 upscale. given they are painted textures and not a photo. The overlays do more for the look than the upscale. its just for when they are up close they don't get real blurry.
  6. As the title suggests I have been slowly during these times upscaling and overlaying map textures for Base textures in Outcast. Most are done and some completely replaced. I am about 80% of the way. Basic upscale technique with color adjustment and then using some overlays on metal and concrete textures in the game. A few were too ugly and I just flat out changed them entirely. I also will be changing map objects, but want to get other sets of eyes on what I have up to this point. These texture files are not 4k and can't imagine a need for 4k in this old game, but 2k max when upscale or 4x original. Things that are not included are character, weapons, shader or glow textures. Will post more screenies soon.
  7. Not offended. I could have done better, but I am lazy. I ain't getting paid for doing any of it.
  8. Well, there is little I used out of those files that wasn't a popular mod to begin with. Maps may be the biggest loss.
  9. One day I will return to this vintage game to contribute again...but man it is a whole decade already...and we JUST got the source code a year ago. I hope some coders return.
  10. Doing something without my permission? It doesn't matter as long as you say where you got it all from...
  11. So I have the crawl animations if you want those too. Or were you going to post those when you got the code figured out?
  12. ok, now i know those are the animations I made for JKG. just saying....
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