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  1. Want to elaborate on this, Phoenix? Hope about what? For those who wondered, the short version is that life happened, and interest in the game didn't really exist by the time I was gearing up for EP2. Between that, and all my voice actors (Save one, Kessno, who I still talk with often) all vanishing as well... well, as you guys mentioned, having only one person doing ALL the work was prohibitive at the time, and even more so now since the game doesn't run well on more modern systems. I am considering (and have for a while) doing a straight text version of the Deception Trilogy, but not sure that will ever happen. Phoenix - if you feel the need, you can post the plot summaries that I sent you via PM here for those that may be interested.
  2. Version v1.1


    Author: Shadriss Set on board the Star Forge, a spacestation/factory built millenia ago by the Rakatan Infinite Empire. This location is the scene for the final duel between Darth Malak and the one-time Darth Revan, which signaled the end of the Sith War.
  3. 152 downloads

    Author: Shadriss A cathedral inspired map designed for the Map-Craft "Texture Creation" contest. Note that two switches on either side of the main alter can control timescale to a degree.
  4. 201 downloads

    Author: Shadriss The Operations area of the Imperial Majestic-Class Fast Frigate Shadowdancer. Built for the inaugural Map Challenge on Ockniel's Forums. Map file is included for interested parties - no portion may be reproduced without checking with me first.
  5. 2,397 downloads

    Author: Shadriss This is a single player campaign. Unpack the Deception folder and the BAT file to your Gamedata folder. Use the BAT file to load the mod. DO NOT load the mod from the in-game menu, as this will not allow the custom mission briefings, cutscenes, or mission objectives to properly display. I'd even go so far as to suggest putting a shortcut to the BAT file on your desktop - it's been gracing mine for a LONG time now...
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