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    I'm so jealous of your modelling skills 10/10
    R.I.P Atlas's sleeping schedule
  1. I should update my interests, since I now do Blender at work. Not professionally mind you, I just have a lot of down time.

  2. "Hey Bigphil! How's Batman going?" Uhhhhh At least the gun and lightsaber stick where his hand should be
  3. Got some things in the pipeline. The hierarchy on Batman's model needs be worked on, and I'm trying to learn how to give him a really good cell shaded look. Which is why nothing is published yet. When this model does drop, it's gonna be great.
  4. Been physically writing everything down. Gonna learn to do shaders soon. When this Batman has a nice cell shading, I hope he looks a little less flat. I modelled him directly from the source images for Justice League. This is my first totally from scratch model. I do think I've become competent in sculpting, texturing is still a weakness of mine. Been trying to develop new ways of doing it that work for me. Then of course making the textures is difficult as well. Perhaps I will look into some programs that can assist. Currently I'm using a.... dubious version of Adobe Photoshop 2012 to do everything. Not awful per se, but I'm not quite proficient enough to make the kind of textures that will blow minds (do people get their minds blown by textures???). It's just nice to finally be making real progress in my 3D modeling. Very happy
  5. So I've been really studying Blender recently. I'm going to add my animated Batman to Jedi Academy soon. Currently he's technically in the game, but the results so far are dubious.
  6. I can pretend to be a girl through a mix of vocoroo, and just pretending. I have done vo for LBP levels, and have played a girl on more than one occasion.
  7. Been waiting for a comprehensive gun damage mod. Almost did it myself, but was too lazy
  8. My favorite kind of mod
  9. I swore I was gonna start working more, but then I got a gf. Genuinely didn't think that would ever happen. Anyway, now I'm having trouble finding time.
  10. Not dead, just been playing other games. My Ren model is releasable, but not perfect yet. If anyone would like the beta version of him https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxcv5e59kdbbjwk/ren.zip?dl=0 Update on TLJ Luke: So progress is being made on that tonight. Nothing visible yet, but the model is pretty much ready to go. It actually was a little while ago, but now it's set up for insertion into Jedi Academy. I still need to texture it though, so I got to redownload Adobe Photoshop
  11. Can I get an updated link?
  12. I'll get back on the horse soon. Been about 20 days. I made a screenshot that I thought was fun
    This is one of the strangest things I've seen posted here in ages. I'm glad it exists, and I insist you do more
  13. So, Jeff has some ports of a few SWToR models. I use one of his Jedi Knight looking skins to fill in for HOT. It seems to fit about what the promo art looks like.
  14. Haven't used Blender in a few days, been too tired after work. However, I will be working on his mask texture. It can be done better, and I will fix it.
  15. Would you know of any tutorials I could use to learn this? I'm trying to learn to code on top of all the other things I'm doing here. Could there be a program which would aide me in accessing the source code?
  16. How exactly would I go about doing this? I've never messed with the source code Or rather than showing me, is there a file with this set up which you can send me?
  17. How can I make an NPC do that outside of Kyle? Also, is there a mod available that just adds kicking and grappling to the melee? I know about iknowkungfu, but is there a mod that just keeps that in there?
  18. I think I found a non Star Wars character I want to make
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