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    Ported simplified Darth Vader parts for a wide range of choices to choose. See read me! I used Toshi's anakin head and cape for Darth Vader and the sounds he had in his. I also used his breather for a maskless Vader Modifications: - I ported simplified parts for a more accurate Darth Vader. Usage: - You can use this mod however you would like, however, make sure you give Toshi credit. Credit me as well. How to Install: - Locate your base folder for Jedi Academy and just drop it in there. NPC Names: - Darth Vader between ROTS and ANH: "Vader" - Darth Vader ROTS: Vader_ROTS - Darth Vader Rebels (Cut Mask): "Vader_R" - Darth Vader RO: "Vader_RO" - Darth Vader ESB: "Vader_ESB" - Darth Vader Battle Damaged with Helmet: "Vader_BD" - Darth Vader TFU BD: "Vader_TFU" Lightsaber: - I am too lazy to figure out where the lightsaber is in MD that Vader is using so if you unpack the .pk3 you can change the npc file to a different lightsaber. A Thank You: - Thanks for everyone always working to keep my favorite Star Wars game alive! Honestly this has been fun and I plan on making Palpatine's Senate Robe since no one has tried to make it in a long time!
  2. I made a model, but I keep getting this error message and I am not familiar with it does anyone know how to resolve this error.
  3. I noticed that there are slow, strong, fast, dual, etc. stance codes in the animation.cfg file, but I want to change the default medium stance and I am not sure which sequence code that is can someone help me out?
  4. Thanks I figured it out it was because dragon was deleting the skeleton because I forgot to add the default frame at the beginning.
  5. When wanting to create a new animation how do you make sure you are overwriting the correct frames and not frames 0 to whatever length your animation is. Also I have an issue when I try to use glamerger I keep getting told "can only merge frames from files with same number of bones." The other question I have is when I try to add a new animation mod why am I told by the game you cannot replace stormtrooper animation!
  6. So that ended up being correct, but now I have an issue where the inside of that arm is transparent and I do not have any shader issues so if anyone has any ideas on why that is happening. Nevermind I got it fixed!
  7. When I export my .glm and play jedi academy one of the arms almost looks transparent and you cannot see the texture. The mesh is then weirdly dark when I try to import it into blender. Any ideas on what the issue is? Here is a picture. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjfw42lc1u44wqg/Pic Issues.png?dl=0
  8. How come weighting randomly changes when I export and re-import my glm and then it looks weird in modview
  9. New at modeling and learning. I have an issue where in blender my model looks perfectly fine, but in modview the bone and head shift up a foot and float above the body. When I try to reimport the .glm it looks perfectly fine, but then reexporting it does not seem to solve the issue. Any help would be great. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1h9f13xptzlid5e/Untitled2.png?dl=0 http://www.dropbox.com/s/1h9f13xptzlid5e/Untitled2.png?dl=0
  10. I am having an issue with the hierarchy and just want some clarification. Modview tells me I have 67 surfaces, but only 72 are connected up through the hierarchy. Is the solution to make sure my model just follows the layer format for a Jedi Academy Model or is there more to it than that?
  11. 475 downloads

    Skin, NPC, and Playermodel mod for Darth Sidious as the Sith Eternal and as an Undead clone. Credit goes to Toshi who I started off with his model, made changes, and then created the texture for the body! To install, simply put the pk3 file in the base folder of Jedi Academy.
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