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  1. For those that do not know I am a local on the discord servers for Jedi knight jedi academy, my account has been hacked so for anyone that sees the name poopmaster you must block the account he is not me he is impersonating me and its best if he banned on all fronts 


    looks nice, bet it'll look good to see jango lose his head in HD
  2. Chansta

    Attack Robot


    Here it is the next character to be featured in my bootleg action figure collection, it is the fearsome attack robots, featured in one of Ashens videos, I have taken one extra step and given extra skins for the sake of variety. The codes are npc spawn Attack_Robot, Attack_robot_comm, Attack_robot_pilot, and Attack_robot_security Now you too can recreate the epic battle from Star Wars Epi sope 1 the Phantom Menaaace where Fly Gone and Toby-one face down the attack Robot army. for context its this:
  3. Chansta

    Fly Gone Gin


    Another reskin that i had been working on, it is everyone's favorite jedi, Fly Gone Gin from George Luce's Star Wars Epi sope 1 the Phantom Menaaaace. Based off a bootleg action figure that is featured in one of ashens videos (also refferred to by ashens as, "an angry wrestler who has seen better days") every one's favorite jedi from George Luce's Star Wars Epi sope 1 the Phantom Menaaaace. the npc codes are: Flygone, Flygone_robed, Flygone_hood, Flygone_poncho, and Flygone_bw. for a reference, here's the original figure its based off of.
  4. Chansta



    the newest addition to the bootleg Star wars collection he is Toby one (also referred to as "Yellow man" by ashens). based off of the action figure featured in ashens videos, he is a sight to behold in all his bootlegged wonder. the npc spawn codes are: npc spawn tobyone, tobyone_robed and tobyone_hooded. (note he does not come with the capri-sun straw saber or at least thats what i thought it looked like). For Context, here's the figure its based off of
  5. Chansta

    Jedi Force


    another reskin based off another cheap knockoff action figure, named Jedi force from STBR WARS (whatever franchise that is) npc spawn jediforce is the code
  6. Chansta



    May I present Gremloid, he is based off another cheap knockoff Star Wars action figure that was featured in Ashens videos, and was properly named Gremloid in one of Ashens later videos For Context: Installation Simply put the pk3 into the base folder of Jedi Academy.
  7. Oi thats a nice jedi female model, is this thing publicly posted for download, if not plz do!!
  8. I'm just a guy who does some basic reskinning and npc tooling, i wouldnt necessarily call myself a modder, but whatever. blah blah blah copyright stuff and whatever else 

  9. Chansta

    Wise Puppet


    Based off the cheap Knockoff action figure seen on the internet Star Warsiors (whatever that is) i have taken to messing with the beard and making sure it looks nice
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