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  1. Don't be alarmed by my new profile pic, I figured it's time I look happy here

  2. Chansta



    The next reskin to be featured from George Luce’s Epi Sopes, it is Dennis, based off everyone’s favorite knockoff Sith Lord that was featured in a video reviewed by Ashens, I have taken the extra step to add in additional skins for his hooded and robed appearances in order to give some variety. Now you too can recreate the epic duels that Dennis partakes in such as his ambush of Fly Gone Gin on Tat-oo-waaaaayyyyng, or the legendary duel of the farts on Na-boofie where he kills Fly Gon and is defeated by Toby one. The npc spawn codes are: Dennis, Dennis_robed and Dennis_hood. In addition to this I added a single bladed variant for each skin they are: Dennis_single Dennis_single_robed, and Dennis_single_hood Install Instructions: place this pk3 into the gamedata/base folder. Disclaimer: I am not the original creator of the Dennis model, I was inspired by the model made by Basil Bonhead feaured in a number of his youtube videos if anything partial credit should go to him for the idea. I credit DT85 for the creation of the Darth Maul model which was used as the basis for the creation of this reskin. For context its this:
  3. Chansta



    Here it is my next entry into the Star Wars Epi sope bootleg saga by George Luce, we have Conehead everyone’s favorite knockoff jedi from Star Wars Epi sope 1 The Phantom Menaaaace, best known for his famous quote “What about the robot attack on the furries?”from Revonge of the Seth. Now you too can recreate the epic saber duel where he engages Fly Gone Gin in a sparring session at the Judy Temple on Croissant. To place this the file just drop it inside of your gamedata/base folder and then upon loading the game you can spawn in the respective npc The npc spawn code is npc spawn conehead. I credit Psyk0Sith for his Ki Adi Mundi model For context its this:
  4. i can confirm that playing it through movie duels it works fine, no porting necessary (just thought i'd mention that)
    perfection I like this model a lot, when the show comes out and we get a better look at obi's other appearances I look forward to you no doubt making the others As Senator Palpatine once said "We will watch your career with great interest"
  5. Chansta

    Mace Window


    The newest addition to the Sw bootleg saga, it is everyone's favorite bmf jedi Mace window, based off the episode 1 bootleg figure line reviewed by ashens, now you too can recreate the epic battle where he faces incompetant bounty hunter Beef and his attack robots on Geo-oh-no. the npc spawn codes are: macewindow, macewindow_hood, macewindow_unrobed macewindow_armored and macewindow_armored_unrobed. for context its this:
  6. great now i can learn spanish while playing jedi outcast
  7. if it requires the og Kotf then how are we supposed to run the mod? Didnt that mod go up in flames long ago?
  8. Chansta


    Damn I'd kill to have that map, for sandbox/ rping purposes
  9. hood could use some improvements (ie be bigger like the one in the film) other than that its great
  10. what pk3 in jka did you find this in, I'm trying to find the missing dialogue myself
  11. I dare you to add a monopoly man npc to go with it
  12. i concur i'd also like to sith the two sith bois from the film
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