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  1. The Otana (YT-2000 appearing in X-Wing Alliance) was one of my favorite ships! This is great stuff. Thanks for including the source file!
  2. Sared

    The Academy

    It's been a minute. Booted up this map recently and got feelings from it. 10/10 would nostalgia again.
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    This is a model and skin that began it's life in the late 2000's for the JEDI Role-Playing community (www.jediholo.net). It went through several iterations, but the final (current) release was compiled 9/28/2011. In 2015 I lost the original PSD's and other project files for this mod, but I hope the community gets as much enjoyment out of it as I did making and playing with it. At one point while working on this I experimented with vertex welding in Milkshape, oweing for the smoothness of the tunic and the poorly done edge on the neck.
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