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  1. This is nonsense... Elvish language, such as Huttese, Jawaese, Ewokese or Mandalorian are unreal languages, they don't exist in our world even if they had been created based on existing tongues. No invented language has been voice-acted in French or something, nor in LOTR neither in SW : Jabba speaks in Huttese, Elves in Elvish. We translate and dub the English language only. For some, we have subtitles to understand what they are saying but that's all. So, again, there is no problem for DP to be in Russian, because all voices come frome human or near-human species which are speakin "Basi
  2. Uh... did you know there was an official russian voice acting for EVERY SW movie? More, that Star Wars is translated and dubbed in many, many languages? Please tell me: you're not that kind of mor... who think English is the only tongue in the world, or at least in video games, movies or in Star Wars? Here, maybe you'd be less surprised in the future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCP-Y4u-beQ
    Very, very nice mod! Excellent ? But I have a problem: when I install it, I always have a crash during load screen of hoth2 map. Either I use the full pack or only the one for Hoth. I have no problem with hoth3 map. Any idea? I can't see the console or anything.
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