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  1. Nah, man. Don't worry. We all have lives outside of this slice of a domain in the vast reaches of the universe. :D
  2. That's not Ridley. That's a normal Space Pirate model from Metroid Prime.
  3. Tompa, it has been a bit since you published something here.
    The map definitely has a place for the masters and a place for the learners as this map definitely has a great feel of an academy in the clouds. Well worth the wait, well worth the download.
  4. If you win or lose, is Jan still gonna be there like in earlier previews? Forgot to ask you that when I welcomed you back on Youtube. :)
  5. Holy-Fucking-Hottie. I need those Black Widow Models. <3 _ <3
  6. Please consider upgrading to Galactic Legacy. KOTF 2.1 will no longer be updated because of some disputes. If you are curious as to what happened, contact @Linken.
  7. Very impressive, UM! Do you happen to plan to release them? Like on Dropbox or Mega? :)
  8. If it also has ported content, you can always upload them to Mega or Mediafile and post the links here. I definitely want to get a hold of these treasures. :)
  9. Welcome back, Colonel! New content is always welcome. :D
  10. Did...you EVER see this? https://www.moddb.com/mods/swgl They have a female exile model primed from Kotor 2 itself.
    I'm not sure how I feel about this hilt per-se, but since it's yet another saber from the apprentice of Plasma, I'm sure the community would love it. ?
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