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  1. Even though the history of KOTF is tainted, the packs made for it are unique works of art cause people dove into the inner makings of the game to make these said packs come to life. It's a testament to the packs themselves, despite their association with KOTF.
  2. I would say do some of the more classic maps from the good old JK3Files days, well known or not as well known. Even ones that may not even be here on the hub cause they weren't saved in time.
  3. Love how you're going all in with your own videos, RJA.
  4. Since there's a lot of Lightsaber models for Jedi Academy now, some older Outcast players have been looking to bring some of them like Plasma's models to Jedi Outcast as HD replacements. Is there a tutorial on how to bring a lightsaber model from Jedi Academy to Jedi Outcast by any chance?
    This honestly is a great improvement over some already great kitbashes by Jeff.
  5. I'm...surprised you decided to do this, Sirius. You've been very protective of these models and now you're putting them out for everyone. What changed your mind?
  6. Update: The latest updates just blow my mind and are a feast for the eyes. Again Plasma, you never cease to amaze the community. Thank you for your continued work behind the scenes.
  7. @HUM-3154Hey Hum, do you think you can reupload the TASM Lizard model? The dropbox link is dead along with a few others.
  8. Indeed, but one where you can do a fully fledged interior based on the schematics released by Lucasfilm over the years would be great to see turned into maps. Would be worth it for some roleplay stuff, too.
  9. Holy-Shit. This is truly a blessing. You really need to do your own interpretations of an internal YT-1300 and YT-2400 too, if you wish to do so. We haven't had any appropriate YT internal series maps since SJCull's Falcon all those years ago.
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