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    This makes me excited not just for more hilts from you, but models too. Do you plan on making a variant without her helmet later down the line? Cause while the Second Sister is getting love, Trilla herself is a bit left out atm.
  1. Seems the admins need to step up. But if you start posting on the forums here instead, that will be amazing. 😄
  2. You were already Plasma's student before with just doing the hilts, now the student has advanced. 😄 Speaking of, are the Force Unleashed hilts gonna be reuploaded anytime soon? 🙂
  3. Uh oh. Usually that is a result of the hand tags not being present. It's easy to fix that in Blender through taking another models hand tags and putting them onto the TOR models.
    Have you been taking lessons from Plasma, Doughnuts? Cause I think Plasma has a great apprentice in you. ^_^ Addendum: The download now works. ?
  4. Not really? There's a lot more weirder things out there with fictional characters, actually. Some that...make you question the sanity of the one who made them.
  5. I would LOVE to see that new V2 of your Falcon, as your V1 is LEGENDARY. Whenever I needed a stock YT series cockpit, it was always there for me. So I hope that V2 will also get a public release. :D
  6. Your girlfriend plays Jedi Academy too? That is a R-A-R-E catch, man! Do you two play multiplayer a lot too in your spare time? ?
  7. I don't know if others have left you a reply, but the link to the updated saber file is broken. :(

    1. Plasma


      I sent a message to the admin, it seems to be fixed now ?

    2. TheWhitePhoenix


      You are right. It is indeed fixed. ?

  8. Plus, he IS working on the Thrawn Trilogy maps. So best take things one step at a time. ?
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