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  1. PierceDoughty

    Boba Fett ESB

    I Boba Fett 100 time while spawning the NPC I made YouTube Videos of me Killing Boba Fett check out my YouTube channel my YouTube channel name is pierce doughty if you don't know how to say doughty I made a YouTube video how to say my last name.
  2. Power armor is for pussies! Says Duke Nukem Duke Nukem Forever and I agree with Him.
  3. 🙂He attacks the player, your allies and your enemies. He attacks everyone, good and evil Sith and Jedi, Rebel and Empire. He's enemies to both sides he must be a TEAM FREE NPC.
  4. I try typing in what you said to type in but it says invalid base path no matter what I in it want do jack shit an I have GOG version Please tall me what I'm doing wrong I'll make a YouTube video of it my YouTube channel is pierce doughty.
    ?She's beautiful but what video game is she from?
  5. WARNING!! Pokemon Characters will be horribly mutilated!! by Jedi and Sith and Lucasarts Characters!!
    WARNING!! Pokemon Characters will be horribly mutilated by Jedi and Sith!
  6. https://youtu.be/JUac7T8O3zc This ERROR also comes up when you attack some npcs. Check out my YouTube cannel pierce doughty .
  7. Code for making Boba Fett classes killable: npc spawn boba_fett bobafett then type runscript bobafett killable You need to type in the npc name twice for it to detect the target.
  8. Make one for npc support!
  9. Hi I'm trying your singleplayer runscript code I'm trying the killable code on the bobafett class and its not working I'm typing rurscript boba_fett killable and it says can not find target I don't know what the fuck I'm doing Wrong can you please help me know what to type in to get it to work?
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