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"Star Wars Lady Jedi" is a mod for "Jedi Outcast" made be "Nazar Design Group" back in 2004. In this mod you play as a Jedi of Old Republic, Mariel Waterfall, who fights against The Empire(this mod came out before "Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith", because of that here you see that Empire was born then Republic was still existing). Mod includes 12 maps.

This mod is on russian language. So, if you don't know that language and still want to play, I suggest you to read story here on "JKHub wiki" after you complete walkthrough: https://jkhub.org/wiki/index.php/Lady_Jedi#Plot



Put the "LadyJedi" folder in your "GameData" directory of JO and launch it from mod menu in setup(menu will be on english, but gameplay - on russian)

Optional: if you want to switch on blood just change extension of "ladyjedi_blood" file from "off" to "pk3" after dot.



Delete "LadyJedi" folder from "GameData" directory of JO.



Some content of this mod is 16+, please take into consideration before downloading and playing.

While playing "Lady Jedi" you can meet glithces that weren't in original release. This may happen because "Lady Jedi" was released as separate game, although it's still mod. I just took assets that this mod requires to work.



You can ask me: "Why you have uploaded on JKHub not your mod, without permission and released it not standalone, as the original release was?" Well, some people tried to find this mod for years. I can't get permisiion because the "NDG" and their site are dead for years. And I released "Lady Jedi" as normal mod because the standalone release was made only for one thing: to profit money from fans, without permission from "LucasArts.", which isn't legal.


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Yikes. I didn't know they released this stuff for profit, which is a big fat NO within the community. However, I'm glad you took it and made it into a mod instead @Numfast. Props to you for uploading this. :D

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Yeah, playable Russian mod! Although I don't understand all^^ At least English subtitles. Are Russian people here who could make a little translation?

But... this is so hard!!! Damn, impossible to beat it without dying, and I don't even finished the mod. And that crawling text... :D

There are good ideas though, except I can't understand all in the plot, and this is not because of Russian language: battle droids? Phase I Clonetroopers? All mixed with Stormtropers and AT-STs? As the mod was released before Episode III, agree about some "historical" issues, but this... I am quite disappointed.

Recording quality is well, that's nice. Acting's not bad too, if the team is not actors. And there was an idea in the beginning which surprised me quite a lot. No spoilers ;)

Eventually, this is decent but a little bit too hard; I admit it, I had to cheat several times to progress correctly.

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It uses too many npcs by the way. I really cant tell what the mod is actually about aside from reading about it.

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I haven't downloaded this yet but are those Mara Jade and Padme together? Is that explained in the story? :P


Judging by the Wiki page, it's Mariel Waterfall and Princess Flelin. Whoever they are.

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Do you think I could make a French version once the English one is released? With voices and texts, as previous patches.

I'll see if I can make English voicing; I know people who speak very well, but it would probably have a slightly French accent. If you don't want, it will make less work for me so not too bad :P

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Well. I‘m not so good in acting, so the English voicing is on you, if you want to make one. But at first I need to release "Wild Force" and then I will do a text-translation on English of this mod. I also want to translate "Communication Force" and "Wild Force".

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Numfast, I'm sure that if we all have good mics (I have a Blue Microphones Snowball), we can handle the dubbing just fine as long as we have the original scripts translated from Russian and German. If you can translate all three, that would be AMAZING. ^_^

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Why from German? Because I could translate it, I'm more familiar with German language (several years studied at school).

But you Russians, when you do mods, there are always big projects! Lady Jedi, Wild Force, Dark Pastime...

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Well, "Wild Force" actually not so big: some maps there are from original JA completely, some partially. And German language in this mod is just a text from orginal game.

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That first screenshot made me laugh harder than I should have. I instantly thought of Skeletor. Lmao

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I have the translated files, I'll have a look and can upload these somewhere. It includes the briefing and the subtitles only, I guess, this should be more than enough (though I remember the game replaces at least one weapon, but the developers didn't rename it, as far as I recall).

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I will upload them. There are still some things to chek out (one file maybe still on russian), but the levels itself and objectives are completed there.

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There are good ideas though, except I can't understand all in the plot, and this is not because of Russian language: battle droids? Phase I Clonetroopers? All mixed with Stormtropers and AT-STs? As the mod was released before Episode III, agree about some "historical" issues, but this... I am quite disappointed.

I haven't downloaded this yet but are those Mara Jade and Padme together? Is that explained in the story? :P

As I know, authors of this mod haven't seen SW before making it :P

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Maybe it's a good idea to actually replace npcs models, as well as fix some minor stuff in dialogues, in order to fix this mod, so it would make sense in star wars lore.

There is actualy not that much to fix. As I recall, the main major lore mistake in this mod's plot was about republic confronting the empire. That mistake resolted battle droids, clone trooper and stormtrooper all to be the empire troops, that you can meet at various levels.
To make things worse, when you encounter saberwielding aponents, authors goes absolutly crazy. You can fight saberwielding royal guards, several Darth Mauls, aliens from Halo and etc. Also, I recal, Gundam were there somwhere too.
Then, as the story progres, you go kinda darkside and fight "republic" troops, which is standart tantive4 rebel guys. They ofcource, acompanied with some jedi concil members, like Ki-Adi and Windu (some of which you can meet and kill during the levels severall times, by the way), and ofcource, there is several Serious Sams wielding a red saber, they also one of the rebel jedis you fight.
You also fight pirates and bandits, somewhere along the way, but everything is, more or less, okay there. Probably except jedi-Neo, several Aurra Sing, and lightsaber wielding twi'lek dancers.
And, of course, the player model is Mara Jade, which is also funny and confusing, since although player character is not Mara, the mod actually includes Mara character, as npc, and she is blonde here.

Basicaly, it's not that big deal to fix that mod's Star Wars lore sence. All you need is fix some dialogue, so instead of empire fighting republic, we would get republic fighting separatist, and empire fighting rebels, at diferent stage of the game.
The level where player fights clone troopers, could be justified in the plot by the order 66, just need to change some dialogue, mission description, and clone armor from phase1 to phase2.
Then, a several other models need to be replaced. Mostly lightsaber wielders.
Those, who you meet during the battle droid's levels, could be replaced by magnaguards with electro staffs. 
Those, who you meet during the clone trooper's level, could be clone assassins with vibroblades (or something like this).
Those, who you meet during stormtrooper's levels, could be inquisitor's clonetroopers with melee electroweapon, or some of them could even be shadowguard with lightsaber-pikes (as seen in force unleashed).
Rebel jedis could be changed to some sort of elite rebel trooper with melee electroweapon. Some of them, might even stay some sort of rogue jedi (they could basicaly look anyway, just not like Windu, or Serious Sam, or Gundam etc). And, ofcource, player model need to be changed.
All models, needed to fix those issues, are already created for jka. So basically, theres only need to ask permission from their respective authors, if they allow to use their work to fix this mod.
Of course, there is also a lot more minor appearance mistakes, needed to be fixed in this mod, but the most awful are basically those I just wrote about.
By the way, skeletons with lightsabers, seen on the screenshot in this page, are part of the nightmare-dream level, so it's sorta makes sense.

And yeah, I don't really know if there is any normal english translation, but, basically, it's not a big deal to make one, since there is not so much text, to translate to, in this mod. I could do it, if it needs to. 
And also, the voice acting in this mod is not really good, in my opinion. For some reason it just sounds really weird to me. They also placed old russian pop song, at backgroud of the racing, in the begining of the game. It's just so stupid, but I gues authors themselfs did it intencionaly as a silly joke.

Apart from all that nonsense, the mod is actually quite solid. Everything looks way better, than you would expect from a guys who puts Serious Sam in a Star Wars lore. 
The story, generally, makes sense. There are even, relatively decent main character's story arc, about becoming cruel dark jedi and etc.
The level design are mostly very nice. Sometimes mod gives interesting unstandard mission tasks for the player. There are some easter eggs on several levels. And the whole mod is kinda really long, in a good way.
I mean, this mod would look just great, with a decent translation, and fix of lore mistakes, in text and npcs. Another great thing, would be, if this mod would be ported on jka. 
I don't know, if it is possible thou, to find author of this mod and ask him for permission to use his work.

And about that stuff, with author made profit from the mod. Well, yeah, as I recall, that's actually happened, back in the days. 
Basically, that really sucks. Especially since author took alot models and resources, created by other modders, and I really doubt he ever asked any of them for permission to use their work. Actualy, I read some interwiew with the team leader of this mod, years ago. And the guy basicaly says something like "there are plenty of models created by modders for JO, so we just downloaded and use them". I had impression that the guy is comletly ignorant about peoples copyright.
But, there is also another point of view here, I actually remember the time this mod came out, and it wasn't really good with the internet those days. So this mod were spread through cds. And, you should understand, that buying cd, printing some sort of cover, shipping the cd to the player, all those stuff cost some money.
Basicaly, as I remember, author asked only those small money, for each cd order, simply to cover expences. If I recall correctly, the price were about 1-2 dollars or something. I really doubt, he ever earn a lot money on that stuff, or even cover time, he and his team spend to make the mod.
So, eventually, the guy worked for free, just as any of us fellas moders.
Though, the copyright issues, and the fact he never asked people for permission to use their work, are still sucks anyway.

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