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  1. Looks great!! I think one of those other things it can be added to the map are those red Laser Gates from like the middle of the stage. And I think a Custom Skybox with the Death Star on one side and the planet Coruscant on the other side. I think this Star Destroyer map would be great for those that played Soul Calibur IV and would like to reimagine it in Jedi Academy!
  2. Guess what guys? I actually found the Star Destroyer Docking Bay Stage from Soul Calibur IV ported as a model. But I have to admit, look at the size of that thing! https://www.models-resource.com/xbox_360/soulcaliburiv/model/973/
  3. I have this intriguing idea and I'm sure no one has suggested it before, or I could be wrong. Anyways, I was hoping if Jedi Academy could have like that Star Destroyer Docking Bay from Soul Calibur IV to be playable as a Duel Map for Multiplayer. I definitely want to see Yoda, Darth Vader, and Galen Marek clash at each other with their force powers in a game like Jedi Academy.
  4. I ran into a problem with one of your Dark Forces 2 Maps in Jedi Academy. Whenever I try to duel my bot opponent, it keeps jumping around all the time. Is there any way to make the bots more normal without jumping around too much?

    1. Lancelot


      The map needs botroutes. If a map doesn't have those, the bots will just jump around. WizardMKBK wanted to add those later.

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