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  1. Hi. I have restored some broken links to screenshots in our old posts, though several topics in "The Dark Pastime NPC Models" section are archived and I cannot edit them.
  2. OlgO

    Other models

    Hi! I desided to make this topic to post screens of our other md3 models (not swoops/ships) which we made for our add-on. So there are some models, which I made for my Dark Forces II mod and which we decided to use in The Dark Pastime. You might have seen already the models of motorboat and holocomm from DF2 in other topics. Here are models of crates. NumberWan made a greate job by creating new textures for them.
  3. OlgO


    Hi all! I want to post some new pics from the Dworn level I am working now.
  4. OlgO

    Twi'lek male

    Hi! No problems: face head lekku We didnt use anything from KOTOR either mesh or textures. Also this is a rare case where I took a part in drawing textures and draw face texture, partly change head and lekku textures. There is also NumberWan's variant of a twilekk male (textures) and it looks different.
  5. Hi! Here are screenshots of some old and new models. 6.TX-3 air taxi 7. AT-AT (Please dont mind animation pose I am still working on it) 8.Star destroyer 9. XP-38 landspeeder
  6. Well clan swoop is driveable for sure) We can consider of making RGC-16 airspeeder and V-35 Courier driveable, though we didn't make any guns on those speeders, so I don't know where such vehicles can be used... We are not going to make Home and 9000 Z001 landspeeder flyable, we are using those models as a part of environment.
  7. Thank you all! I am not sure what do you mean by an explorable interior, but there is just a hangar where you can put some ships or cargo, its empty by default: Anyway it won't be shown much in game)
  8. Hi everyone! "Md3 models" section has been empty for some time, so we think it's time to start a new topic here to show some md3 models that we made for our mod. 1. The republic star cruiser "Home V". 2.RGC-16 airspeeder. 3. Clan swoop. (Well, that's actually a .glm model, but there is an md3 version too) 4.V-35 Courier. 5. 9000 Z001 landspeeder.
  9. OlgO

    Twi'lek male

    Hi all! I know that we didn't post much lately about our add-on, so we think it's time to post something new))) Here we go - a twi'lek male: We decided to make the twi'lek male model look like twi'leks from KOTOR game. But there will be variations of model skins and some of them will be look a little different. Also it's a beta version and may be changed (I'm thinking of adding some polys to it, mostly on lekku).
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