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The author of this mod is a man named Bubba (by himself, as far as I know). It ran for several years on a server called Jawascript, almost always in Power Duel, on a particular map. The server has since vanished, along with the mod's website and the author himself. If anyone can contact him, please let me know, as I'm very curious about this mod's history! Anyway, at some point I downloaded the mod's files from the website, so I decided not to let them become publicly unavailable (after waiting the 30 days required by JKHub).


Mod Description
I would describe ModWooty as a fighting game fever dream.


The combat is radically different from normal JKA. You'll be completely perplexed at first: strange messages appear, your character will do weird animations and sounds, attacks don't do what you expect and your lightsaber won't stop you from getting insta-killed by someone using only their fists.


Then you'll open the console and actually use the help commands to get an idea of what's going on. Your username is like a permanent account. There are stats like money, experience, karma, dexterity and endurance, which affect your speed, size, hp, weapons, force powers, etc.


You bind hadoken and crane and debugthrow and start using them, along with the JK2-style kick. You discover that using hadoken mid-air restores your Force, so you can recover from falling into the pit. You discover that LEFT+DOWN+CROUCH+ATTACK does a hand-stand attack that knocks down your opponents. Then you start team-killing your allies and innoncent jawas because you want to bring down your karma so you can use some force power or whatever.


Well, at least that's what MY experience was like, more or less. ModWooty is a very deep and very fun fighting game and the most fun thing about it is discovering all of its secrets. But it's also unforgiving: new players get utterly destroyed. And spectators can possess you, or buy guns for your opponent. Probably worst of all, you can actually BUY sub-admin powers with gold (not real money, of course) and then do things like mute other players. Like I said, it's lots of fun and allows you to improve through practice and by observing better players, all while discovering more mechanics. I still don't know what the red and blue bars (originally used for the jetpack and the cloak) mean in ModWooty.


The original server also had two bots that talked to you: McWooty (Admin) and Bride of Ms. Wooty. They are dearly missed!


Note on the files: not all the files have the same version number, so there might be small differences between them. I might not have downloaded all the files at the same time, so that may be the cause. It shouldn't cause any problems, just be aware of that if you're actually crazy enough to dive into the source code.


Oh yeah, that's right! The source code is available!



Time to turn and burn!


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I'm glad i just somehow found this by luck from nowhere on this night lol. I remember playing on this server sometimes when it was still up and running. The bots lines were actually funny to see. It was somehow fun and challenging to play against them, they weren't even bad at doing all the funky strange commands and rekt ur face sometimes.

The creator of this probably moved on things probably totally different, but the fact that something like this got made is truly inspiring (yup), this guy was probably bored and decided to randomly do some weirdo mod purely based on fun but also skill.

Something like this just can't go to the bin and be forgotten, even if it has probably a lot of bug. This is the beauty of it, something made on free time and just here to kill time and create entertaining, silly moments.


This mod is probably one of the most bizarre thing jka ever witnessed and its even better that someone actually kept the files and released this in current year. The legacy is saved, thank you. ☺

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Oh my god... I haven't seen this in a LONG time, back when I first started in 2004. I remember nothing making much sense, but I also remember having A LOT of fun as well. So glad this has been preserved, I hope we can get the server going again.

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Hey I was hoping to host a ModWooty server too.  I'm having some difficulty getting it set up though.  This mod was the best.

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To install it, we just run modwooty sample batch? Why is it called sample?


Also, I'm not sure if the server rental service I'm using lets me batch file.

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