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  1. In this tutorial, I will be talking about what all the different sounds are so you can choose the sounds you want to use in your soundpack, how to even create a soundpack, and how to convert the sounds so they can be used in-game. Part I: The Sound Hierarchy This will detail info about all the sounds in a soundpack and what they are used for, this can help you choose which sounds get renamed which, the (#,#) is how many sounds that the game will at max play, like ex. anger1, gloat1, victory1, etc: NOTE: There are also sounds you can add for NPCs that are played only if the player is a female character, by adding _f to anything that's not a pain or noise sound, e.g. NOT jump1, pain25, choke1, IS anger1, suspicious1, victory1, etc. anger(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when you are detected, if NPCs are in groups, likely that at least one of them will play these, or not at all. chase(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when an enemy tries to run away. choke(1,2,3): Lines that are played by both NPCs and players when either is being choked by force grip. combat(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs and players when locked in saber combat. cover(1,2,3,4,5): Lines that are played by NPCs when a thermal detonator is thrown near them and they run away. confuse(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when the mind trick force power is used on them. death(1,2,3): Lines that are played by both NPCs and players when they are killed deflect(1,2,3): Lines that are played by Jedi/Sith NPCs when they block shots with a lightsaber. detected(1,2,3,4,5): lines that are played by NPCs when they find an enemy after losing them. drown: line that is played by NPCs and players when they choke and die underwater. escaping(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when they don't know where the player is and are trying to look for them. falling(1): Line that is played by both NPCs and players when they fall to their death. giveup(1,2,3,4,5): lines that are played by NPCs when they lose the player and stop looking for them. gloat(1,2,3): Lines that are played by players when they use the gloat feature, gloat sounds don't always work in singleplayer for whatever reason. gurp(1,2): Lines that are played by both NPCs and players when they choke underwater. jchase(1,2,3): same as chase, but are only played by npcs with a jedi-type class, like CLASS_JEDI, CLASS_REBORN, CLASS_TAVION, etc. jdetected(1,2,3,maybe 4 & 5): same as detected, but again, only played by NPCs with Jedi set as their NPC class. jlost(1,2,3) The same as lost, only it's played by Class-Jedi NPCs. jump(1): Line that is played by both NPCs and players when they jump or roll land(1): Line that is played by both NPCs and players when they take fall damage. look(1,2,maybe 3): Lines that are played by NPCs when mind trick is used near them. lost(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when they lose the player after playing a look line. outflank(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when they try to surround the player. pain(25,50,75,100): Lines that are played by both NPCs and players when they take damage, pain100 would sound minor, pain75 would sound a bit worse, pain50 would sound major, and pain25 would sound severe. pushed(1,2,3): Lines that are played by both NPCs and players when they are pushed down by force push. pushfail: Line that is played by NPCs when they resist force push. sight(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when they see something, similar to look. sound(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when they hear sounds, shoot blaster shots on the ground near them, then they will play the line and go to where they heard the sound. suspicious(1,2,3,4,5): Lines that are played by NPCs that I believe they play after some time passes when they play either a sight or sound line. taunt(1,2,3, even 4-5 as rare-r lines to play): Lines that are played by players when they use the taunt command, and by NPCs when they are at a certain rank (mainly Jedi/Sith NPCs). victory(1,2,3): Lines that are played by NPCs when they kill an enemy, and by the player when they use the victory command. Part II: Converting the sounds for use in-game Before you even pack up the soundpack, you will need to convert the sounds so that they can be used in JKA, so here's what you do: Download and Use Audacity, it's free and it works very well for almost all of your sound-editing needs: http://www.audacityteam.org/ How to use it for converting sounds to JKA audio standards: 1. Open Audacity. 2. Drag all the sounds for the soundpack you've organized onto it: 3. Make sure project rate in the bottom left corner of audacity is set to 44100 HZ, or it will give an error in-game. 4. Select File > Export > Export Multiple, then set your directory to wherever you want to export your sounds, then, you export the files through MP3 format (or WAV, but MP3's take up less space) with Bitrate mode set to constant, Quality set to 192 kbps, and the "Force export to Mono" option is selected. 5. Hit export, and then you will have your working in-game sounds, next up is organizing them into a folder. Part III: Making the folders To have the sounds be used properly in-game, you need to: - Put the sounds you chose into a folder, titled misc. - Place the misc folder into another folder that you should title the name of the character you based it on, but keeping it short in the process, example; I would name mine kyle, short for Kyle Katarn. - Make 2 new folders, one inside the other, the folder within you need to name chars, the folder chars is in needs to be named sound. - Place your newly created character soundpack folder into sound/chars. - Compress the sound folder into a zip folder, then if you have file extensions set to be viewable on your OS, rename the .zip part of the compressed folder to .pk3, and select Yes when a pop-up shows up, confirming the renaming of the file extension. There you have it, your first character soundset, if you'd like to share it on here for other people to use, here's a good place to post it: https://jkhub.org/topic/6867-character-soundpacks/ Bonus: If you do wish to share a soundpack, you need to have a site that can host your file for others to download, sites like MediaFire, MEGA, and DropBox can do the job, as long as you have an account on one of them first. Pack up your soundpack into a zip file, then upload your zip to one of the three aforementioned sites, though others can do the job just as well like Google Drive.
    It was a pleasure to help test this mod, truly fantastic work!
  2. I was watching ROTS sometime ago, well not quite watch but more just scanning over a scene for Movie Duels, and noticed a little detail while paused that caught my eye: Although not quite the same, they are very very similar in appearance, which seems quite interesting. I wonder if there were any other background details like this one missed!
  3. Hey all, Rebels Maul is now on JKHub files!
  4. 967 downloads

    This is Maul from the Star Wars Rebels TV Show, featuring all his outfits from all episodes he was featured in. Sounds: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: No Menu Support: Yes INSTALLATION: Extract maul_rebels.zip and put Maul_Rebels.pk3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! To get his Lightsaber hilt, download Plasma's Lightsaber Hilt Collection here: NPC Spawn Names: Default: npc spawn maul_rebels Shirtless: npc spawn maul_shirtless_rebels Credits: Khaimer (hips and legs) Langerd (belt) DT85 (head, torso, hands) neomarz1 (shirtless torso) Raven Software (Hood) Scerendo (Torso Bandolier) GP Channel (improved torso and leg textures) Tompa9 (soundpack)
  5. This topic is to show all progress the team makes with characters added, changed, or removed in the mod. Anakin Skywalker (Attack of the Clones): - Robe changed to resemble his AOTC robe, since as it turns out, there's a difference from the regular Jedi robe: it has a cut underneath the armpit region on both sides, and lacks the arm sleeves. - Added LODs for optimization.
  6. Hello fellow JKHubbers. It is I, a guy named swegmaster. I've opened this thread to show off works I've done or helped work on. Some of you may remember that I made a WIP thread already, titled "sweg's Fuckin WIPS". I came to hate it, since none of it was WIP, and it was just a port/port-kitbash thread, with occasional releases that were never teased, they just got posted. I've made this thread since I've learned a lot more than porting over the years, and put up the stuff I've had sitting on my hard drive for a while. I will edit this post with any current WIPs, and releases. Here's my first work, "Maul" from Rebels: Releases: Maul (Rebels): https://jkhub.org/files/file/3643-maul-rebels/
  7. There's a new option labelled Change Author when viewing files, that can change the author of any file hosted in the Files section. I tried it with "Nautolan Knight Krio", and successfully changed it's owner from Tarisianale to myself, then changed it back.
  8. The fix will be out by the next update, since it's caused by the high-resolution menus, though the fix can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pu5n9rctkyjflh1/r_lqmenuscreens.pk3/file To install, simply drag the PK3 into your JKA Installation's Gamedata/MD directory.
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