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  1. Ok, can somebody port for me Prince Dastan? https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/princeofpersiawarriorwithin/model/6945/
  2. what do you want with super heroes in a star wars game? wtf
  3. Wouldnt it be cool if someone makes a Dark Empire 1 & 2 SP mod? Or a mod after the story of Jedi Academy...
  4. Can you please make this happen? For SP and MP?
  5. Hello, can you please make this happen? Thank You
  6. i dont know why jedi academy on ps4 cost 23,99€ in germany... exaggerated... This game is to expensive imo... 9,99€ would be "ok"
    very nice ? Is it possible to make this Lightsaber for Cultist in SP?
  7. Can you please make these custom figures to models for JKA? Chirrut Imwe as a Jedi "what if" Obi-Wan Kenobi as a young Jedi Knight (few months after TPM) "what if" Anakin never turned to dark side... Jedi Grand Master Anakin Legolas as Jedi Jedi Master Luke Farm boy Anakin "What if" Light Side Anakin Skywalker after Episode III Young Mace Windu Jedi Thank You
    WOOOOW this is absolout mindblowing just what I want!!! Now I can build me as a Jedi Apprentice!!! VERY COOL *EDIT* Would be cool if this Model will fit in KOTF 2.1 ?
  8. Is that the concept art version of anakin for revenge of the sith? Yes, it is. ? Sorry I forget to answer... ?
  9. Hello, can you please make a headswap Professor Snape head on Kylo Ren Body? and for SP? with cloak? THX
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