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  1. TheWhitePhoenix's post in Issue with CamSP and Animation Menu for the latest OpenJK builds (which KOTF 2.1 and Movie Duels Remastered now use) was marked as the answer   
    Okay, so it turns out all this time, THE ANSWER WAS RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE!

    With KOTF and MDR, you need to type in an extra few commands to get Animation Menu to work with NPCs. In KOTF and MDR, you need to type it like this:

    npc spawn <npc> <npc side> <npc name> as opposed to in default and JKA Enhanced where it's just npc spawn <npc> <npc name>.

    The sides are: light_side, light_side_follow, dark_side, dark_side_follow, neutral_side, free_side
    The sides only matter and work if you use Animation Menu in KOTF. MDR uses the same code as KOTF, hence why it has to be there in MDR to at least spawn the npc if you want to use Animation Menu with it.

    Sapo San really helped me with that and I'm glad I found out late than never that was the case.

    And for CamSP, you can always initiate it via console if binding it to a button crashes your game.
  2. TheWhitePhoenix's post in saber blade disappearing with Frankenstein model was marked as the answer   
    Punisher....There's already a tutorial on how to fix this. Here. https://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/137-fix-hapslashs-anakin-model-no-lightsaber-blade/ You're welcome. BTW, you gonna release that model to the public or is it a personal one? It looks good.
  3. TheWhitePhoenix's post in A question about Model Shaders. was marked as the answer   
    I didn't know that! That's awesome, @@Ruxith! Thank you so much for telling me! When I get back from vacation, I'm gonna get to work on the shaders right away.
  4. TheWhitePhoenix's post in Trouble Downloading Files from JKhub. was marked as the answer   
    It WAS the browser I was using. I'm good now.
  5. TheWhitePhoenix's post in Spawning problem was marked as the answer   
    I found the problem! It turns out that I needed to replace the entire folder of the character in order to get him to be read by the game!
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