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  1. @dark soul I run an audio drama podcast, so I know plenty of female VAs. I'm sure a couple would be happy to do some work for this. Would this be paid?
  2. I know this post is old but I figured I'd let everyone know that I have a registered version of Fraps that someone gave me a loooong time ago. Still works perfectly fine.
  3. Holy shit, I can't believe I slept on this! Welp, at least I got the Doom Limited Run.
  4. I have dabbled in trying to create my own maps throughout the years. The thing is I do like a million other things in life with other projects and gotta really focus on my main calling in life. But I had this side project in the back of my head to build a map of my university and prepare it as a gift for my PC/gaming friends for our 10th graduation anniversary next year. I have all the pictures of the university at the time with the intent of eventually making a JKA map out of it in the future, so this was something really lurking in the back of my head for years. I thought it would be cool to be like "Hey guys guess what?" and we all meet up on the map after I give them the download and it would just be a very cool way to hang out when we're not able to meet up, since some of us have moved away far and wide. The thought occurred to me to offer up the idea for someone to create the map for me and I would pay them. Dunno if anyone's used to that but I figured I'd take a shot in the dark and we can discuss the details in private.
  5. Ah yes, an old favorite. This brings me so many fond memories. Always loved it.
  6. ungh. I have a habit of leaving a random topic and then forgetting about it months later. I wanted to follow up on this though. I've gone through with a personal project of mine that developed from using JKA as a machinima. It became a wholly original project as a cartoon instead. But I always thought about doing some good old JKA machinimas or something of the sort to write/direct Star Wars related material. Another idea was adapting Han Solo at Star's End. I loved that book when I was a kid.
  7. The thought occurred to me years ago. It's interesting but also there'd definitely be some official complaints or cease and desists or whatever - especially since now Disney owns Star Wars and Disney is the Iron Fist of copyright protection, even when you don't intend to make money off of it. Still - I always thought it'd be a fun idea to say "fuck it" and start making a machinima where I rewrite the Star Wars prequels. You basically have all the models already and all the maps. You already have all the music down too - just use the same score from the actual prequel movies, maybe fill some gaps with music from the original trilogy. All you really need is a good script and voice actors and Fraps.
  8. Look up the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds albums. They're really good.
  9. I uploaded a bunch of stuff and was about to post a thread with all these links to the downloads when I realized the links weren't working except for just one, and I have no idea why. They lead you to the right URL but nothing loads - just a blank page. Is there some kind of setting on this site or something to prevent people from posting so many links in one post? probably to prevent spam or something?
  10. Hey guys. I haven't been on this site in a long time but I have a new computer and everything and time passed and I figured I'd just get into JKA again whenever I'm bored. Then I realized that JK3files is down and now I read this thread - which couldn't be more appropriate timing. I was just about to share a bunch of downloads I saved from that site from forever ago for JKA. I was also wondering where I could get that old patch update, because since I have a new computer I don't think I have it anywhere. Anyway. I'm going to create a Mega account and basically upload everything there. I have a bunch of miscellaneous maps and skins.
  11. I'm surprised 4 is one of the lowest. I think that's my fave. It's ripe with modern interpretations of ancient mythology.
  12. UPDATE: So, long story short, Captain Crazy is actually creating the map for the hotel that is to be the major setting of the series. My own girlfriend, an artist, will sketch out the rooms and stuff to help us. I'm taking this nice and easy so that the end product will be dished out with finesse. We'll be working on ideas and scripts as the map comes along and I will also be in charge of casting people and having voice actors audition for roles. (Those two whom I messaged - what's up? If I don't hear from you within the week I'll be PMing you) Anyone who wants to help chip in on the brainstorming for the episodes, feel free to jump in.
  13. Okay so with the screen issue, I trued going to setup and it's already on full screen. Maybe I need to check the resolution my computer is running in. Although I never ever changed it once. But I'll look into it. There's several folders in my "GameData" folder and I'm hesitant to throw them out because I don't remember what they are. Maybe someone can recognize what these things stand for. I assume they are mods. "RoA" "MBII" "jenovamod" "FFA" - isn't that Free For All? All these folder have the same three files: "cgamex86.dll", "jampconfig.cfg" and "uix86.dll"
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