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    Please, not ask me more for any kind of help or partecipation on modding project. I have an hell time with heal's problems, so i cannot manage no one more of these requests.

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    Creepy and scarry, but nice! Awesome nordic models :)
  1. Gtk radiant. you should use the custom version that use mjt, can you avoid a ton of job, cause it allow to build maps with autocollision of MD3 static meshes, so you can avoid to spare time draw by hand the colliders of static models. :)
  2. there a re a lot of tutorial about coding here on JKHUB. you need to use visual studio for build your solution, eezstreet tutorials can help you to start. you can try to add new weapons or force powers o customize visual effects of bullets or force powers or add new damage weakness o resistances to classes into g_combat. i started on that way. there are some oldest tutorial of mine that explain you how to add a new weapon or a new force power step by step. But,honestly, coding is the last step you need, before code you should fully understanding how work jka gameplay and modding. i suggest you to learn at least the basic about how to add NPC and SABERS, how to rig a character or make a saber, how to make a basic map. with coding you can edit the gameplay, but is very complicated and require a good knowledge of gameplay and of engine. edit things without know what are you doing can have unpredictable effects.
  3. Honestly i do not know. nice idea an external interface with c sharp for edit the code, also if SP code is into c++ and MP into c and i not know how can be hard to allow to the 3 different languagues to interact each others. i am not so code skilled to help you, but is interessing. you should jump into discord chat channels of the forum and ask the question inside the code and script chat.
  4. the more easy way for do that, should be edit the code for add a new weapon and program the new weapon for be a duplicated of lightsaber, that call the same identical code functions of the original WP_SABER for work. something like a WP_SABER2. You can follow my old tutorial about add a new weapon on Single player. Remember that your saber need to use the same fire function of lightsaber if you want it work properly. but that is an experiment that can have some risk. lightsaber is a very specific weapons with some unique features. i am not sure if all the lightsaber code functionality for swings and damage is all called by the fire function of the lightsaber weapon. there is also another trouble. WP_SABER is binded to an external SAB library. and that should be apply also to the new weapon. you need to link to the lib of SAB files ALSO the new saber weapon you will create. if not, you will have a serious amount of trouble cause you cannot customize the new saber weapon and also it will not work fine.
  5. yes, i noticed the difference of health of enemies during my plays on game. i was not sure about the math but that explain a lot of thing. but i guess the solution should be simple. IF there are not other chunks of code that occurs on that: look at this: ent->client->NPC_class != CLASS_REBORN && ent->client->NPC_class != CLASS_SHADOWTROOPER NPC_class != CLASS_REBORN and != CLASS_SHADOWTROOPER basically: == mean equal, != equal different! So that stuff NOT apply to REBORN and SHADOWTROOPER classes (maybe there is some other kind of modification on that classes? or they simply are not affected?) that code apply to ALL classes EXCEPT Reborn and Shadowtrooper. if you want it affect reborn and shadowtrooper you should edit code for do something like NPC_class == CLASS_REBORN NPC_class == CLASS_SHADOWTROOPER so, chunk of code have the other effect: the edit will affect ONLy that the classes. If you want that ALL NPCs will be affected from that you need to edit the code line on that way: "else if ( ent-->NPC->stats.health ) // was health supplied in NPC.cfg? opened brank then if ( ent->client->NPC_class ) /* != CLASS_REBORN && CLASS_SHADOWTROOPER */ Explanation: /* */ commented out the text inside in, so it will not more affect the game. and you can preserve however the code lines in case of issues, so you can quickly restore if something go wrong. if ( ent client-> NPC_class ) is generic, basically it mean that it affect ALL NPCs without discriminations ) in that way it will work for every characters instead only of "all classes except REBORN and SHADOWTROOPER" like original code tells. good luck! if there are not other parts of code that act as health modifiers of NPCs it should work. 🙂 else if ( ent->NPC->stats.health ) // Was health supplied in NPC.cfg? { if ( ent->client->NPC_class != CLASS_REBORN && ent->client->NPC_class != CLASS_SHADOWTROOPER //&& ent->client->NPC_class != CLASS_TAVION //&& ent->client->NPC_class != CLASS_DESANN && ent->client->NPC_class != CLASS_JEDI )
    Nice example of the versatility of the tecnique of model frankensteining-kitbashing! :)
  6. basically these chunk of code: for not NPC- player: cap the max health to 100 . (ah ty was a lot of time that i was searching this damned chunk of code -.- ) NPC: Health of NPC on game is the result of this operation: HP point of NPC files or stat health of NPC + BONUS. BONUS = NPC health / 4 * Difficulty level of game add HP to NPCs: so if NPC have 40 HP, and game difficult is 2: obtain bonus +20HP
  7. @AshuraDX Impressive! and the minecart model get also properly collison? player can be pushed by it?
    Thanks for credits, RJA! i hope that every player can enjoy that and the new weapons and AI code work properly for all. i hope NPCs now will be less dumb and more imprevedible. :)
    Net Radiant allows also to avoid to become crazy to manually drive the colliders brushes for the MD3 models of your maps! if you provide the correct shaders setting, you can put the shoots colliders and the physic colliders as meshes inside the MD3 files too. q3map2 of this netradiant, when build the map autogenerate automatically the collision for these shaders!!! : D that's revolutionary! (who have q3me of ashura can also use his suite for easy create these clip meshes into 3d max before export the MD3 files ) i hope that someone will write a tutorial for that ASAP.
  8. melee fights of NPC is hardcoded too , like weapons, force powers, sigh ... by default for what i know it works only for "kyle_boss" NPC, i remember that i did a little code work for a guy a lot of months ago, when i added a class called "SITH_BOXER" and in changed the code for use kata by that class and not only by kyle_boss NPC. -.- i really would to know why developer coders of raven were so restrictive about NPC AI modding, force powers and weapons. only sabers are Nice, cause SAB libraries. -_- add libraries for customize weapons, force powers and NPCs should not been to difficult for experts coders of lucas arts... PS: also for news: also saber resistance of hazardtrooper and rancor is hardcoded. for coding you need to know c and c++ and to have visual studio for rebuild the edited game executable. and Openjk source code. not easy, if you not understand the language.
  9. force power only melee is hardcoded (like a ton of damned things that make absolutely hard to deep code ) for works only with cultist_ and emperor_ NPCs, sorry guys.
    Oh my god! ALSO HERE????? ? SCARRY SCARRY SCARRY! i recomend to use it with kyle katarn covid 2020 skin mode with facial mask.
  10. Asgarath83

    Jawa Rancor

    WHAT... THE HELL... AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! man, you win all! : D thanks for the laughts! is too funny! ?
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