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    Please, not ask me more for any kind of help or partecipation on modding project. I have an hell time with heal's problems, so i cannot manage no one more of these requests.

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  1. Fixed Installing Discord App on Smartphone
  2. Good Idea.... >.< Thanks for hint.
  3. I can't more log on Discord web with my computer on any browser (yes, windows XP trouble, okay) On 7 April, Discord will delete my account for inactivity. But recently i get a smartphone, and at least i can use updated browsers on it. I installed the discord APP on my smartphone but i not know how to heck logging in to discord to jkhub. also if i put my email \ username and password into the discord log in bar, it send me to the download app page, or point me to the "verify you are not a robot". i do the check in but not log in cause i am logged from "another device, sending email verification..." where??? Because this email verification not appear in anyone of my email boxes. -.- so, i can't log in more. if this will not be fixed, i will be forced to ask to some users to talk into Telegram. Thanks for Understanding me.
  4. The If statement should be improved from a code mod for allow to use all the SET_ statements. >.<
  5. My Discord problem is related to XP Browsers retrocompatibility (Telegram works again on XP) .(and please, not blame again cause i use XP and i am stuck on XP , cause my personal motiviation are not much good to explain without talk of a personal dramatic situation. i can use: - Firefox, updated, not open discord desktops. - Chrome, updated, not open the page. - Chrome360: log in work but ask captchas stuff and not bot verification "verify you are not a bot" and sadly i can't complete the cheking. maybe cause browser not support properly the page scripts. - Mypal68: the log in work but it's looping loading the desktop app. So that' all... If you know some other browser to try... but honestly i tried all XP compatible browsers.
  6. Since Discord not works for me by more than a year, is there any kind of Telegram Group related to JKHUB? Pasted very long time since i talked with someone of you with chats.
  7. Good Luck Seph. i wanna see, what you will do with it. Really, JKA official levels use only the 1% of potentiality of engine. :\
  8. So Tauntauns can climbs an high inclinated slope? pretty cool! Yes, can be cool if someone do some wall climber vehicle and there is some map set like "climb the mountain for reach the base" :D
  9. June 2020??? i did necroposting. d'oh.
  10. i have the same your dreams and i am into the same situation. also most trigged cause i need to make some kind of action RPG , so i need to add a lot of code for adding RPG stuff features. You need to replace ALL Star Wars Asset and not sure that something can be really replaced. on Openjk source code, (not original JK source code realesed into 2013), the copyrighted stuff chunk of code shoul be removed, and it's on GPL. if you want do that, you can do at your risk, but guys are right, be careful about disney. rename and remove from code ALL star wars calling, all Star Wars referecens about lightsaber, weapons, force powers, etc for be more safe. (so for example, calle WP_SABER inrto another way, and FP_DRAIN into another way, and rename the AI stuff related to star wars creatures. only for this you need to rename and search a TONS of networked functions and this require a lot of preliminar job, there also a lot of limitations of gameplay and engine that avoid you to make HD stuff. (npc limit, vertex limits of models, Shader limits, weapon number limitation, force power limitation). you need AT LEAST to write new libs like .SAB files that allow you to customize weapons and spells stuff, so you can add new weaposn and force power as you wish. the more close things in that way that nicely improve the engine is the JKG jedi knight galaxy project, but it's only for multiplayer arena deathmatch. PS: however, if you change in code all star wars referecenes and replace all SW assets you should be relatevely safe if you not use that for do cash or money. so some kind of free game. at least this is about how to works copyright here on Italy, but on UK and USA country things can be much more restrictive and complicated. on my country depend. in the north region copyright have a lot of importance. on south regions is "no one look no one care". consider that latin countries laws about author rights are a lot different respect to UK \ USA laws . latin countries should be little more open about these things, but not sure. talk with a lawyer of your place or a trusted lawyer of your family before do anything. i already got 3 legal opinions for my own, and i should be okay, but, as i told, on my country things works little different.
  11. I like this ! i ever prefeared the jedi outcast reborns models respects of jedi academy sub-zero-ninja cultist style and the macho-muscle reborn of default jka. thanks!
  12. I warns all users and friends that Discord not works more for me by more than a month into my actual web browsers, so i can be contacted only by forum.

  13. Impressive, missing just the grey and black color! You also cutted off the damagescale, because adding so much blade make a saber insanely strong. nice job! And without code hacking! Nicex2
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