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    Please, not ask me more for any kind of help or partecipation on modding project. I have an hell time with heal's problems, so i cannot manage no one more of these requests.

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  1. and use SET_WEAPON NONE and the LOCK WEAPON command, so player is unabled to switch other weapons from weapon none? maybe also playing a sound of "dropping"
  2. Is possible, but you need some good guy that now well the vehicle code of multiplayer and singleplayer both. the asteroid mod of gummelt have a nice multiplayer dogfight space combat. the single player vehicles are horrid and hacked. animals and speeders are very good both Fighters handling and collision is very nasty. well, basically, a coder should past the source code of asteroid mod from MP to SP for fix the bad flight behavour of fighter. then you need another problem: you need to wrote an AI for NPC that use fighter vehicles for have realistic space combat mode. hone
  3. is all hardcoded. if you know c++ you can download opejk and visual studio and get a look. the file of code related to saber combat is wp_saber.cpp for single player .
  4. I not know how work. but why no try to see the script of jedi outcast level of nar shaadaa when kyle enter into the cantina and rodians ask hik to drop his weapons and is not possible to use weapons until you chat with barman?
  5. https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK Here. Download Zip, Enable Git, create your repository and have fun 🙂
  6. well, i remember that force speed level 5 affect timescale in a similar way, at least into JKA. so i am not surprise of that, cause basically is a tweak of force speed force power applyed into gun shoot fight. amazing job however, waiting for JKA porting me too. 🙂
  7. Impressive!!! 😧 Is there also the source code for port on JKA?
  8. I never imaginated that boba fett face was so scary D: nice job man! i like it! :D is one of the best villlains for me.
    Nice model. I know the thruth: i know how jar jar is the true sith lord, palpatine is only his puppet. :D
    Well, is very... very Dude. I like it man! ?
  9. You need basic C-C++ knowledge. depending if you want to work into MultiPlayer or Single Player,
  10. Dehaved allow to decompile scripts or edit i guess. Why not use a SET_SKIN script that set alora skins for match your needs? not know if is possible
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