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  1. I inform you that from today I can also bring swords and weapons in addition to the models, I am still working on the shaders, which are not seen in the game ... I don't know why. solved this problem I will take back my old models, published up to now, to each his own weapon!
  2. Great White Shark Doctor Doom The Invisible Woman / Sue Storm
  3. Dormammu Electro (TASM2) Vision Deadpool
  4. Skeleton Variants Morbius Drax - The Destroyer
  5. at the request of some of you ... the link of Baby Yoda with classic animations (Humanoid) Download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/wcx1a4ye7l00s5x/Baby_Yoda (Humanoid_Animations).pk3?dl=0 Updates on previously published models! Doctor Strange New Variants Agamotto Magic Nocape Default With "Animation_Obiwan" Download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/0632ttictibcjqm/DrStrange.pk3?dl=0 Thanos Glows Upgrades : each infinity gem paired with a lightsaber Time Stone (Eye Of Ag
  6. DOWNLOAD LINKS ! : I am pleased to announce the arrival of the models that I have shown you in the last few days ... you can find them below! download the ones you like best and remember that you can freely take the parts you need for your models, or make a reskin etc ... PHASE III
  7. Lizard (MFF) + (TASM) Man-Thing Spider-Man (Raimi Versions) + (TASM2)
  8. Ant-Man! Baby Yoda! Logan - The Wolverine!
  9. I'd like to call it "the multiverse"! because you have a game more parallel universes if only I knew I ported the maps and weapons...
  10. thanks for your comment friend, it's an old model, I would be very happy if someone improved it
  11. sorry for the discontinuity, I would like to publish models often, but unfortunately I am aware of time, and therefore it is not easy to work peacefully, so I cannot accept requests for models, I just follow my program, thanks for understanding Symbiotes (MFF) Green Goblin (Raimi Suit)! Iron Man Armatures!
  12. Because I like superheroes, I like ported, I want to see them in a star wars game and I feel satisfaction in doing it .. For some I don't like the idea, I accept it, but not me
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