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  1. added (Ragnarok) + (Infinity War) versions and weapons like (Odin Scepter) + (Loki Knife) Captain America
  2. I have updated some previous models with better textures... such as Black Widow, Captain America, Vision, Daredevil .. Etc Etc ... notice the quality!
  3. mmh..no, the helmetless version was not created
  4. Captain America Saber Shield
  5. Loki (Avengers) + Scepter all the models of phase 4 will be released soon ...
  6. Saber Wolverine Claws Daredevil Saber
  7. Deadpool Katanas Iron Man Armatures Sandman - New Skin + Sabers Thor's Mjiolnir Saber
  8. Doctor Octopus (Raimi Version)
  9. Iron Man Armors (Mark I - IV) Green Goblin (MFF) Hob Goblin Hulk's Tank Saber
  10. Captain America (MFF) Venom (2018 Version) I have updated a couple of photos
  11. I inform you that from today I can also bring swords and weapons in addition to the models, I am still working on the shaders, which are not seen in the game ... I don't know why. solved this problem I will take back my old models, published up to now, to each his own weapon!
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