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  1. ok thanks, it works. how do you change the scale of the fire?
  2. how do i make a fire in gtk radiant? Thanks for the reply
  3. Hi, I'm learning how to create maps, and in particular map objects. The first thing i did is a random model on the Blender program, deprive it of skeleton and tags, and export it to MD3. When I import the map objects into GTK Radiant it doesn't matter the textures and consequently it looks like this in game. Do you know how to solve it? I checked the path: Models/map_objects/chair/chair.md3
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qj4le9map5uhl93/Lizard_Pack.zip?dl=0
  5. Iron Man Mark I Slizzik Saber Crucible
  6. exact! these are the changes I needed for Boga, bravo. can you send them? I would like to play with it Now I am referring to all members reading and downloading from this thread. I have been on Jkhub for almost a year I remind you, for those who do not already know, that the models I have published are not my creations ... I am good at ported, do not create them from 0, do not assign them to their skeleton and give them the animations they deserve ... if there are these models it is thanks to the artist designers for all the time and passion they employ. I have had the opportunity to observe many of your works / masterpieces ... (models, maps, animations ...) and besides being a hobby you are talented. I mean if anyone is interested in tweaking and improving the quality of my ports, or if anyone would like to create a Marvel mod or something ... I would be very flattered, thanks to everyone who appreciates my projects.
  7. ok, I'll solve it immediately. thanks for the correction
  8. yes that's right, I took an old model and added the skirt
  9. T-800 Batman Abomination (Marvel)
  10. MODELS IN GAME! DOWNLOAD LINKS ! : I am pleased to announce the arrival of the models that I have shown you in the last few days ... you can find them below! download the ones you like best and remember that you can freely take the parts you need for your models, or make a reskin etc ... PHASE V
  11. HellBoy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW SKINS : Red Skull (Infinity War) Kylo Ren (Nohood) + (Nomask)
  12. the models of phase 5 are in the finishing phase
  13. Wat Tambor Ghost Rider's Bike (2007) Wheel Bike
  14. Iron Man (Marvel) Red Skull Mister Fantastic
  15. Veleno (Marvel Jedi Godzilla 1998 Boga
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