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  1. nice PS i want to be modder for JKA Can u teach me PLS (SRY MY BAD ENGLISH)
  2. Are you from balkan???
  3. New Update. Can't wait for full release. Keep Up dude.
  4. Good Work buddy. Now i have a reason to be active on jkhub more ?
    Good Job buddy This could work for a RP. Keep up on it.
  5. Rey looks nice. Definetly a improvement in your modding Keep up.
  6. Yesturday graduated from school
    Time to move on i guess.

    1. DarthValeria



    2. Omega


      Now your chains are broken and the force has set you free, congratulations! 

  7. And there goes mod i followed for last 2-3 years Mod doesnt really need to get fu**ed over. Don't know anything else to say (since my arguments are bad)
  8. Nice Works Dudes GJ on finding .map file of your Coruscant JK map
  9. @dan992 When Valeria Gets them Ready I'll release them to public (With her/his permission)
  10. So basicly i'm making machinima and i really need these: 1. Twi'lek Female 2.Human Female 3.Human Male
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