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  1. Arena file and missing textures should be fixed now.
  2. Dang it, thought I took care of that. I will remedy it ASAP.
  3. 291 downloads

    This map is a unique and exciting variation on the Capture the Flag gametype. Just like normal, each team tries to capture the other's flag--but the flags are secured behind forcefields, controlled by "combination locks." You have to hack the enemy's combination lock to disable their forcefield and get their flag. Anyone can set the combination, and anyone can hack it. Check out the short YouTube video below to see how this works. The layout is simple and symmetrical, consisting of two bases and one central combat area. Each base has a weapon loadout area, two emplaced guns to repel invaders, and a console for setting the combination lock. You can leave through your forcefield while it's up, but you can't go back in until it's off. Don't even think about touching the enemy forcefield. Get too close to it, and you'll fry instantly. The central combat area has plenty of cover to hide behind, so you can stay safe while you're shooting rockets through the enemy's disabled forcefield. There are also two walkways high up on the walls on either side, for snipers. Anyone can beam up to them and down from them using the red and blue teleporter beams. I'm really excited about releasing this. As far as I know, no one has ever made a customizable, reusable combination lock system in JKA before. With any luck, it will make for some really intense CTF gameplay! YouTube Demo: NOTE: No botroutes are included. The bots in this game are simply not smart enough to avoid the deadly forcefields (much less operate them), so playing with them would be kind of pointless.
  4. Smaller update this week. I think I have a solid artistic direction figured out for the big multi-level tank room. Feedback is welcome.
  5. Detail has been added to every area up to the completion of the first objective. How do I extract that orange fuel tank texture from the DF2 assets? I'm talking about the tanks you shoot and blow up. They have a flame icon on them, I think. EDIT: I figured it out with some help from Inigro. I now have the fuel tank texture.
  6. It looks really really faithful to the original! Scale looks quite accurate. My favorite shots are the first two, with lighting shown.
  7. Ooh, nice! I had been searching "factory" and "power plant," but these work much better! EDIT: Okay, to what extent can I spam pipes, the way they do at these fuel refineries? I'm asking in terms of tris and FPS. (Example below.) https://goo.gl/images/7nMxiW
  8. Detail has been added to the first few areas. As I work on each area, I'm trying to imagine what the actual function of that area might be, if the fuel station were real. It helps with deciding what to add, since lots of the areas in the original level were so empty and apparently purposeless.
  9. I'm starting the process of adding detail, and finding that the base DF2 assets give me a very limited selection of textures to work with. To make certain architectural features look right, I need textures that aren't there. Can I use some from the base JKA assets as well?
  10. Well, there might be a few secret areas I need to go back and add, but other than that, I have officially laid out every area in the map! This will be the foundation I will use to go back and add lots of detail everywhere (which may well take longer than laying the foundation). When I reached the end of the map, I realized/remembered that the player sees the entire length of the Sulon Star before having to jump onto it. Once the player jumps on, the entire ship moves, with the player standing on one of its catwalks. Do we want to make the Sulon Star with modeling? Or should I try to make it with brushes? The shape isn't all that complicated, and we really only need to make one half of it, since the player never sees the other side.
  11. About 99% of the textures in this map are from the mod. The fuel is the only one I have needed to find from an outside source, since I couldn't find the DF2 version anywhere in our assets. Despite that, I will still need to go back and do a lot of texture work at the end, since I haven't worried about texture alignment much, and some of the texture choices in the original game just look bad.
  12. Lots of areas have been added. Using a royalty-free texture I found online as a placeholder for the fuel. Some pretty serious texture distortion can be seen on some of the patch meshes...there is not always a way to fix this in Radiant. This would be another good reason to use models for the pipe interiors, as AshuraDX has offered to do at some later date.
  13. While working on the lighting, you might want to test how it looks using the new Rend2 renderer, found in the current version of the DF2 mod. I've noticed that the new renderer has a slightly different visual appearance, besides just adding graphical features. Light seems to not reach as far, for instance, and dark areas look a bit darker. So if you only test in base JKA, you might be surprised to see how different your map looks in the final version of the mod. These differences are just from my experience of using the new renderer, without changing any settings. Different is not bad, but maybe there are tweaks we can do to control these differences, depending on the visual needs of each map?
  14. Very inspiring! Are you using the cliff/rock formation models from the "desert" levels of the game?
  15. Yeah, I obviously am not trying very hard with textures yet, since they're just going to change later. More shots are here. Slightly better outdoor lighting, some sourceless WIP lighting indoors, and more new areas.
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