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  1. Conversion process is giving me a bit of a headache. Instead of wasting time I'll just drop the MP4 versions here for anyone who wants to convert them and get these in-game. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1wbov77z5gjjsev/UpscaledJACutscenes.zip/file
  2. Alright, everything is done. The only tricky part is that I can't seem to get them in-game as Quake Video Maker is crashing on me, so I may have to pass these files off to someone else for that step. Everything has been upscaled 4x, with the aspect ratio corrected, then converted to 60fps. The resulting resolution is 2664x2048. I'll probably add a touch of film grain at some point as well, but this looks pretty good for now.
  3. Just to update, I'm working on this, it just requires more time than you'd think. Based on the tests I did above, you'll see that the version where I correct the aspect ratio and then upscale looks great, but also ruins stars. They look horrendous. Square, tons of color bleed, just gross. The version where I upscale and then correct the aspect ratio stars look great, but everything else looks more pixelated and has more artifacts. So naturally, if you're gonna do something, do it right. I'm making both version of the files, and manually masking out the areas I want to keep from each set of files based on the scene. Only then will I convert them to 60fps. It's time consuming, but this will result in the best quality final product. Results so far are promising.
  4. This won't happen, unfortunately. JKHub cannot host these without legal risk, and they have no reason or desire to put themselves at risk. This is why Omega's mods need to be hosted off-site. I agree with you about the disorganization, but that's either on Omega to put together a nicer format for his downloads, or give someone else permission to organize them onto a more structured website than just a Dropbox link. I don't blame him if he's not interested in adding a lot more to his workload.
  5. I meant the Gamecube JKII files, if you wanted to do those as well. Otherwise, I can definitely handle the JA stuff.
  6. Film grain is a good idea, adds a bit of perceived sharpness as well. If you're interested, you could send over the source files along with any settings or film grain overlays you'd like me to use (I've also got several film grain emulation plugins etc. if need be) and I could process everything and send it back to you this weekend.
  7. Did a little dry run for you. This isn't quite optimized yet, but just a vague idea. The JA cutscenes are rendered at a very odd aspect ratio, something vaguely similar to 7:6, requiring about a 30% horizontal stretch to properly render objects that are supposed to be a perfect circle. The first photo is the original resolution, the second is what I consider the "best" workflow order (stretched by 30% first, then upscaled), and the third is what I consider overall inferior (I upscale the video, then stretch it by 30% to the correct aspect ratio), but it does have some perks. Stars look awful, very square and with more color bleed, but gradients like the one around the planet actually look a bit less block. Next step would be doubling the FPS to 60 FPS, which is a pretty cut and dry process compared to upscaling. https://imgur.com/a/C3OCt9N
  8. What did you want to see specifically? I don't have the same source files as you, and I'd be happy to use whatever settings you want to use. I just don't have the watermark issue so I'm happy to be the middle man so that we can get these to the public.
  9. Hmm, I wonder if we could source the game files for the PS4 release of JA, it may have better quality video as well. I'd dump my copy but my PS4 is not hacked, unfortunately. I've got an actual license for the upscaling software, so no watermark here. If you'd like to get in touch I'd be happy to use whatever settings you found luck with and export the finals so we can get them in-game. I've been working on increasing their FPS as well, so we could really get these looking much better than the originals.
  10. That's funny, I had just started on doing this myself for JA with Video Enhance AI. Your results seem a bit better than what I got, I assume it's because you're using Gigapixel and doing things frame by frame?
  11. That may be version-specific? It didn't display for me, even after discovering that error and double-checking in Radiant. Or perhaps it is supposed to and just flat out didn't for some odd reason.
  12. Turns out we did have some progressive JPEGS that we had to resave as Basline Standard JPEGs in Photoshop. Doesn't explain why Kalek could load the map in base JA and I couldn't, but at least this info is here for anyone else who runs into this issue. Also, NetRadiant-custom was very helpful as it was the only software that told the user, upon loading a .map file, that there were progressive JPEGs and specifically what files.
  13. I've had a lot of trouble with FFMPEG, as well as trying to find a decent GUI for it. What exactly would the reverse parameters/commands be? The plan is that I want to upscale JA's (and maybe JO's) cutscenes and release it as a mod for the community, but without a proper way to capture those files in a non-ROQ format, I'm a bit stuck. EDIT: Found a working GUI, FFMPEG did the trick, thanks.
  14. I think it's fairly safe to assume that this isn't the problem, since Kalek got this working and we're using all the same textures. I've confirmed and overwritten the texture files several times to make sure that's the case. As you said, the message is quite vague so I'm not sure what else to troubleshoot.
  15. I'm looking to convert JA's ROQ files to a more practical format. I tried using Quake Video Maker, importing the ROQ as a "animation sequence", but while it does import successfully, both the preview and the exported files are slightly glitchy versions of the original format. Check out the red planet on the left, for example: https://imgur.com/a/8RL0SaA Am I missing something? Is there another way to do this?
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