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  1. This one is kind of off-topic, but I'm also working on a Reshade preset for Jedi Academy. For those who don't know about Reshade, it's a way for you to implement post-processing effects on pretty much any game. It works with Direct X and OpenGL luckily. It's certainly not as mind-blowing as some of the rendering work being done by other modders right now, but it's far more user-friendly and it's already working. My preset includes: - Anti-Aliasing - Mouse-Based Motion Blur - Ambient Occlusion - Lens Flare - Anamorphic Depth of Field - Debanding - Bloom - Reflections I've tried to use these all sparingly. I didn't want to go overboard and I wanted it to feel natural within the environment of Jedi Academy. Here's a video showing the preset in its current state. Please note the FPS is poor in some areas, this is NOT due to Reshade. I never experienced FPS under 60 until I started screen capturing this too. It is 4K after all, and I had my browser, Blender, and a few other things open in the background too. Reshade has surprisingly good performance. Now of course, nothing is without compromise. There are several issues with using Reshade: - Reshade is always on, not just in game. Therefore, menus have the same effects on them (another reason for me to keep things dialed back) - It cannot detect the UI very well, so the depth of field effect can blur out some areas of the HUD - Sabers look weird in front of some reflective surfaces - Reflections are applied to EVERY surface based on angle of view, therefore it can't detect that sand textures shouldn't be shiny. Indoor areas look great, however.
  2. Since it's taking several days to get the file approved, here's a download link for the Clone Sergeant: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kdfioxelbwq4cwh/CloneSergeantPhaseI.zip/file
  3. I don't think I've seen yours. I'll check it out, thanks. Not sure which one you meant, but I agree fully in both cases. ?
  4. 195 downloads

    This is skin of the Clone Sergeant Phase 1 from the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. +++++++++++++ Installation: +++++++++++++ Open the .zip file and extract the files to your Jedi Academy base folder. +++++++++++++ Other: +++++++++++++ If you wish to contact me for using this mod elsewhere, reporting bugs, etc. you can do so by reaching out on JKHub. Enjoy!
  5. I just got JA on Steam and obviously we all have lots of extra time right now, so I figured why not? Thanks, glad you like them. More to come. I'll be uploading them shortly.
  6. Thank you. I'm not sure if it's the same issue.,. If it's not crashing does that mean there isn't an issue? For instance, I've got a 4096x4096 texture of the ground from the first Yavin mission. If the mod actually loads and the texture is a multiple of 2, shouldn't that work? As a side note, if you're interested in contributing - since it seems like you attempted to do the same - let me know. EDIT: I also just tried saving that texture as Baseline (not Progressive), still no luck. So, it's proper resolution, not saved as progressive, and still no luck.
  7. So I lost those skins ages ago, but I'm remaking them now. I got some better references of the Bando Gora and I think it looks much more accurate now. As for the Clone Sergeant, he's been fixed too. I've made his chest insignia/markings more circular as the texture gets stretched out when applied to the model, which is no longer an issue. I've also matched the helmet to the armor much better. As much as I love this model, the helmet doesn't remotely match, it looks way too white and pristine so I've added a bit of wear and tear/dirt and tinted it slightly towards the yellow/brown hue we see in the armor. It's not perfect and with another 10-15 minutes it could match perfectly but I just couldn't be bothered today.
  8. I've upscaled all the textures in the game (yes, all of them) but I'm having trouble getting the mod to work. I started by loading up the first mission of SP on Yavin so I could see the before, then I would load a mod folder through Setup > Mods. It would take some time to load up again (which makes sense, it's like 2.5GB) but once it finally loads there's no difference whatsoever. Here's what I've tried: - Made sure folder structure and spelling is correct - Tried breaking up the single 2.5GB .pk3 into multiple 500MB (thought maybe the engine wouldn't load a .pk3 that large) - Sticking it straight in my base folder instead of loading from a mod folder - Renamed it to start with "zzz" to ensure it loads last I made the PK3 by simply using WinRAR to create a .zip and then renaming it to .pk3. The guides I've read online said that shouldn't be a problem, and based on load times it clearly is loading/detecting the .PK3, but thought I'd mention that just in case. PakScape does not work properly on my PC. Any ideas?
  9. Back on the good ol' FileFront site there was a mod released by the name of Jedi Academy Unlimited. All it did was unlock several limits on the amount of mods you could use at a given time. I don't know any more details than that, sadly, and haven't been able to find it online anywhere. Anyone remember this or happen to have a copy?
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