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    A little bit of everything to make stuff work properly.
    Huge experience in UI , lugormod and movie making.
    I'm interested in clans and subtle role playing.
    Since 2016 KotF Project Leader
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  1. Dlls go into GameData not KotF folder
  2. After few days of hot fight between Linken's team and my own we finally reached a consensus. With the help of kimmeh we have an agreement which results in ceasing hostility between each mod and deleting the content made by devs from other teams. A detailed report of the content will be presented in archived video of the conversation between mod representatives. I would also like to announce that from now on advertising the other mod is forbidden due to strong emotions within the community surrounding the topic. It would be best not to talk about the other mod at all to prevent dangerous situations to both of us. The deleted content will be completely remade and put back into the mod without using the original assets or any files which don't belong to us. Google Drive is safe to use now but don't use the launcher. It's broken anyway. Archive video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rswvWxKSMVg
  3. "A mod this ambitious is done with a dedicated team, not by a single person. From what I understand, you're currently trying to work on this alone, right? If yes, that's a red flag, and you should better stop working on this mod before you put too much stress on you for no reason." This is so false. Unfortunately you have to go through all the hard work alone. But if you care much, have enough time and motivation you will succeed. Nobody here actually cares about others unless money is involved. However you can expect people to join you later on already finished thing. This happens everywhere not just modding: from youtube channels to huge corporations. It is very hard to start anything from scratch. This is very brave what you're trying to do I wish you best of luck but yeah you are on your own.
  4. As far as I remember there is instruction inside. You dont create the server through in game menu but by double clicking a .bat file provided in that server pack from moddb. To change server options use server.cfg file. You can edit it like any other text file with notepad and dont forget to save after commiting changes.
  5. You should enable dynamic glow to make sabers and other effects look way better. To do that go to setup -> more video -> dynamic glow: on
  6. I'm glad it helped. Odd about the error though.
  7. okay so I looked in academy2 entities and there's an entity that gets you to that weapon menu:
  8. playermodel player "converts" ui data to player data. For example those cvars: ui_char_model "palpatine_emperor"ui_char_skin_torso "model_default"ui_char_skin_head "model_default"ui_char_skin_legs "model_default"ui_saber_type "single"ui_saber "darth_sidious"ui_saber_color "red" if they're not set you will receive a default value which is a stormtrooper
  9. what do you mean? You have to type the path properly for example /music music/alzoc3_enclave/alzoc3_enclave
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