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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QzWVsexjPk
  2. View>Screenshot to clipboard and paste it into paint or whatever so you can save it to whatever file type you want rather than what ModView uses.
  3. Unfortunately not, ModView only shows the diffuse image and that's it.
  4. It's simple if you're already familiar with 3D and envelope weights.
  5. ModView has a limit on characters for the file path. Best way to set your machine up for modding this game honestly is to just have a second "base" folder on the root of your drive. For example, I have the folder "C:/base/models/players/_humanoid" with the _humanoid.gla there and the character model I'm trying to open in "C:/base/models/players/" Leave the game path just for dropping the .pk3 files and such but do all your modding in a base folder that's on the root of the drive since if you're using Softimage or 3DS Max Assimilate also prefers a shorter file path afaik.
  6. I don't see how an exporter would even be possible just because of all the technical aspects of making a map work other than just geometry. A bare .MAP exporter to just bring the geometry into radiant to add everything else that makes the map work would be more than enough since the biggest problem with radiant is that it's 3D tools are terrible.
  7. Tags are wrong. Not only are the 2 games skeletons different but the tags for the left hand are different and there may be some that one game has that the other doesn't but my memory on this is foggy. You need to import a JK2 model and look it over carefully. Hierarchy isn't right on the model.
  8. I'm so unexcited to go see star wars...

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    2. McGroose


      You could argue that none of the newer movies needed to be made, but I am glad that Rogue one, and Solo to a lesser extent, were made. I really liked Rogue one, and I feel like one of the few people that got any substantial enjoyment out of Solo. I think they were both good movies. 

      What I absolutely hate the most about ROS more than the other two sequel movies that came before was how it essentially retconned so much from Return of the Jedi. That beautiful, perfect ending with Vader having his mask removed, him defeating the emperor, finally bringing balance to the force (killing all the jedi, then killing then the greatest Sith in history and therefore crumbling his empire  to ashes) was pointless. Sorry lol nah didn't matter gotta do second take

      At least it seems that damn near everything beyond the sequel trilogy Disney has given us so far with Star Wars has been pretty OK. The comics look good, I liked Rebels a good amount, and Mandalorian seems pretty good. Just that this new trilogy man.... wtf was going on here?

    3. minilogoguy18


      I agree with Psyk0, I really enjoyed Rogue One, it felt like a REAL SW movie that Lucas himself made.

    4. syainkn


      Disney failed sequel but succeeded in spin-off.

      It's very impressive that Disney is good at making side series.

  9. OK, started on this recently. Pretty early WIP in ZBrush. Clothes were made in Marvelous Designer. Hair is just a placeholder until I take the time to make some decent hair planes/cards down the road.
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