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  1. Well don't have an answer for that just yet, keep redoing Kyles outfit in Marvelous Designer but I would like to get as much geo detail as possible, even down to the skin pores/wrinkles just so the baked maps can be as detailed as possible.
  2. We want to do a demo, just gotta figure out what level.
  3. Just hear zbrush users saying that theres no such thing as too much ram lol. I'm at 32gb total atm and was considering going higher.
  4. Looks amazing. How many points is it? How many sub tools is it built of? I've pretty much been doing nothing but focusing on ZBrush lately trying to catch up and have a more modern 3D workflow. Also curious about system performance with something of that detail, mainly RAM usage.
  5. Pretty far off and we're a small team.
  6. No, we just are mostly active on jkcommunity discord, only really post large updates here from time to time.
  7. No, waiting on the nVidia 3000 series then I plan on doing a custom loop.
  8. It's a fantasy movie, it doesn't have to make sense, just be entertaining to watch.
  9. Well that's good @mcbenzi that you have some 3D experience. We're honestly much more active on the JKCommunity Discord although we try to post any significant updates here too just not a whole lot of general chatting going on here. You can also try to pick SomaZ's and AshuraDX's brains about mapping with other tools, AshuraDX made some tools where you can make most of the map in 3DS Max since you already are familiar with that but some things will still have to be done in Radiant. He should be able to answer any questions you have on that front. Those 2 can also answer any questions you might have about the shader system, the render engine has gone through quite an overhaul to use PBR materials.
  10. Do you have any mapping or 3D experience at all?
  11. Well then maybe I'll try it myself, maybe my 16 core system will crunch through it a little faster.
  12. I just stumbled upon this thread @Lancelot Release these cutscenes lol. If you're up to it take a crack at the ones from Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. @Bucky upscaled some but you may be using software that's different, your result is a bit cleaner.
  13. moveType "walk" Try that in the .NPC file, I forced Gorc to only walk in DF2 mod using this.
  14. I watched some clips, the story looks cool and interesting. I may pick it up at a later date. It's just something I've noticed after watching a video with a interview with Mike Gummelt is that a lot of games just get the saber totally wrong. They make it into a physical thing with weight and collision. The JK games are the only ones that make it into what it really is, an energy weapon that burns everything it touches.
  15. Haven't played it, probably wont until it's less than half the price it is now. Looks like another game where the saber behaves like a stick and not as dangerous as it is in JK2/JA where it passes through everything and even harms enemies in blocking animations. This is what made TFU so insanely bad, the lightsaber behaved as if it were a glowing bat and not an energy weapon that passes through things causing massive damage to everything it touches.
  16. Need more RAM

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    2. Circa


      Rendering a Pixar film? xD

    3. McGroose


      my friend who is serious about his coding work has a crap laptop with ~64GB of RAM just cause he needs it lol

      You'd be surprised just how important large amounts of RAM can be for tasks one would think wouldn't be that demanding

    4. minilogoguy18


      Circa, 16 core/32 thread is mainstream now lol. Not even a wild setup.

  17. We did recently get the old maps converted to OBJ format I believe it was but someone else ripped them.
  18. No idea, this isn't a section for the old SITH engine games, we're recreating DF2 with a modified JA engine. I know it's all been done before though.
  19. Kain by minilogoguy18 on Sketchfab Here's the model since most of the links to the pics of him are dead now.
  20. If someone can get some sounds for this guy from the English game I'll release this asap.
  21. The main board and PSU I got both on sale. The PSU is overkill but it was the same price as a 800W so I figured why not? The GPU was second hand for like under 600 which was a steal for a $1200 GPU.
  22. Kinda weird that this never got made into a topic in this area. Wondering what kind of custom machines people are running and how much HP they have under the hood. Ryzen 7 2700X 4.0ghz Crosshair VI Hero Wi-Fi board EVGA 1080ti FTW3 Hybrid 32gb RAM @3200hmz Crucial P1 1tb NVMe drive Corsair RM1000x PSU Good ol optical drive since this is one of the few modern cases that can hold it.
  23. Add more LOD's for better performance. The game will always use the lowest detail LOD to detect collision. Also helps when the model is super far away and there isn't a need to draw a model with a lot of detail when it can't be seen.
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