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  1. It wont work because the models pose and dimensions aren't the same. The rocket trooper is very different than anything using the _huamnoid.gla. You're going to have to scale the model to fit the skeleton and pose it to match the pose of the rocket trooper which looks like all you'll have to do for that is make the legs stright. From there I can't help, don't use blender.
  2. We did "models/players/_humanoid/gorc/_humanoid.gla" and it also required 1 other work around, no saber style worked unless we added the yellow style. For some reason the game needed the yellow style to be present for any other style to be used. Simply just duplicated all the frames for the strong style (the only one used) and added lines for the yellow style but bound his saber style to the strong style via the SAB file and voila. That directory was ofc just where the GLM/GLA was compiled, the GLM was moved to "models/players/gorc" afterwards which is just fine. Also, I'm using Softimage and Assimilate because well, it just works.
  3. Ah, you know what, I used dragon way back in the day and I think it automatically adds the ROOT pose for you when you save a GLA since it was made knowing that it was needed for GLA Merge to work. When you added it before you had 2 frames and your CFG file was just pointing to one of those frames that had the ROOT pose rather than your actual animation.
  4. Not sure where you went wrong but the animation you're trying to merge with the _humanoid one has to have the ROOT pose as it's first frame so that it can reference the bone transforms properly in GLAMerge.
  5. We're not using any existing assets. Everything will use PBR materials to take advantage of the GL2 render engine.
  6. Base JA face animations are bad cause the skeleton is limiting and they're doing it through scripts calling the ones found in the _humanoid.gla rather than actually animating it all.
  7. The reversed pitch is a problem with the skeleton and it's local transforms.
  8. More than just the weights, the tags are likely the cause of the shooting being weird.
  9. The tag for *r_hand is likely not oriented correctly. Shouldn't hurt anything.
  10. It's because there are no jumping animations made yet.
  11. Re-teaching myself the basics of ZBrush @_@

    1. the_raven


      Brah-sh ©

      Sorry, just remembered how I watched a tutorial for Build Engine map-maker, and the guy would pronounce brush as brah-sh :D

  12. We don't have a dedicated discord, just part of the JK Community one. https://discord.gg/G7AhpJR
  13. I was running an out dated version of the games render engine. Check the DF2 discord, Ashura is gonna see if he can get it to work properly since SomaZ passed us the most recent version of the renderer which I believe he said the lighting has been overhauled.
  14. The first level has to be redone, base textures don't render right so all the textures for that level have to be remade.
  15. Would like to just not sure what level it would be.
  16. They can be a different frame length since they'll be at the end of the GLA. You need to edit the animation.cfg file so that the frames for the animation you're replacing now look at the end of the GLA. Your animation should start on frame 21375.
  17. Nice find you should look into this @@V4nJ0rDy, to see any errors just open the script editor, it's under the timeline next to the playback button.
  18. Well there are tons of animation tutorials all over the net, the only thing that is JK specific is how to get it to work in the game. It would also help to know what software you're using. Then I'd advise using a biped rig setup built around the JK skeleton since it'll make it much easier and faster.
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