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  1. With all the fast progress on the other levels happening I thought Id post some pics. I've actually finished the first pass of the level. After discussing some technical points with DT85 I have started to make a new pass, locking down how the level is put together. So these pics aren't super new or exciting. But they show progress.
  2. Sweet I had a feeling that I the light system would change. So my goal is to present a finished level in base JKA. That can be used as a template for you guys to add to. So i will light it how I would usually, as to set the correct emotion and tone.
  3. They're a poor copy of this effect i was trying to implement with JKA https://i.imgur.com/t6ukSmU.jpg
  4. Id love to get peoples opinion of this style for the underground caves section. I wanted to create a more natural view of the underground caves contrasting with the harsher tones of outside. I just want to see if people would like it.
  5. Thats pretty cool. I I'll keep that in mind.
  6. Yes I am, Its easy to see why the game devs used this method. Its hard to do convincing terrain in JKA.
  7. The light sources are temporary. My plan is for nartual lights like sky lights and maybe phosphorescent moss.
  8. Not dead, still working away... I've been having delays, as every time I try to work on it the south pacific has another natural disaster and I'm off to do relief work. Here's some new WIP shots, ignore the very weird colours as JKA brightness is a very odd thing and makes the screenshots look very different then what it looks like ingame. https://imgur.com/a/c5HIs JJ
  9. The lighting was a bit wonky in those pics was trying to change the color tones of the map ended up making it all pink and dark.
  10. Hello all, Week 2 dev Just an update on my map, Almost finished with the first canyon area. Its roughly the first 1/3 of the level. https://m.imgur.com/a/VWaHE Again WIP WIP WIP... Again thoughts, comments, criticisms. JJ
  11. Gotcha on the light/texturing, I will keep pushing on with structure. As for the greenery I hope to brown/dead it up later, but speaking from experience deserts can be remarkably colourful places.
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