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  1. 1440p @144hz is wild

  2. Just small things, SomaZ is always working on the render engine as well as some tools while I've been just doing ZBrush training to try to get the main characters modeled out since some of the ones we had were kinda based on the vanilla engine and could use a redo. We always need mappers though.
  3. I had the crotch issue too but I can't remember if it was the folder path solution or the fact that I added duplicates of all the saber swing sequences to give Gorc a medium stance that he actually never uses. The game didn't like him not having sequences for the medium style so I had to copy all the lines for the strong stance and name them to the yellow stance even though the saber style was bound via the .SAB file. @@SomaZ is the one who figured these problems out with Gorc, he may be able to help you.
  4. This could be more of a code problem rather than something you aren't doing right. I found Gorc was broken at first but we found that he required the medium saber stance to work properly even though the sequences just pointed to the strong swings and we bound the style via the sab file. I think though that the Galak Mech may be broken/missing in JA afaik. Someone else may have to chime in on this. Either way try it real quick in JK2 to see if it works properly.
  5. Just reinstalled SWG Emu

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    2. Sithani


      If you're down I'm glad to join you

    3. Smoo


      I have swglegends but might try swgemu if it's different

    4. minilogoguy18


      Interesting that legends has JTL where Emu doesn't, not sure about the classes and combat system of legends though. Emu is Pre-CU so Jedi cannot be selected, has to be unlocked and is very difficult.

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