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  1. @@Teancum and @@V4nJ0rDy that's really weird, I don't know what either of you are doing but in SI Mod Tool and SI 2015 I can either drag and drop onto the viewport to import the file or do File>Import>dotXSI. Both work. Here's the single medium style special move in SI 2015
  2. Don't see why not, I'm using it right now. They can be dragged and dropped right into the viewport. Software choice is personal preference.
  3. Use the CFG to figure out where each one starts and where it ends, other than that not that I know of, don't use Blender.
  4. The .CFG file is just a text file that tells the game when and how to play the animations, there's no data there other than that. The animation files are stored in GLA files, the player ones can be found in models/players/_huamnoid. Only blender can import GLA files and they'll only come through as FK bone chains which aren't too useful. Other softwares can get the files in their raw .XSI format which are downloadable here. https://jkhub.org/files/file/1586-%7B%3F%7D/
  5. With my new build up and running for a few weeks now I've been working on DF2 mod related things every afternoon. Hope to post some new content soon

    1. Psyk0Sith


      Looking forward to it!

    2. Bek


      keep at it, as long as you're having fun

    3. MagSul


      That's fantastic news! ^.^

  6. That's not a real fix to the mesh lol. I had this port at one point, whoever did it should be exiled to an island, it's bad.
  7. Now is a REALLY good time for anyone looking to buy an SSD, prices are super low.

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    2. Circa


      I have a bunch of 180GB and 256GB in the 2.5" form factor that I'm trying to sell and get rid of. Special deal for JKH members. PM me for details if you want.

    3. minilogoguy18


      250GB would be decent for the casual gamer on here as a boot drive.

    4. Alvar007


      Yeah that's actually the one I have, and since I don't really use it for games just for programs and the OS I have decided not to buy one for the moment.

  8. @@Siegfried all you need is Softimage Mod Tool 7.5, my _humanoid rig, the Raven SDK that includes carcass.exe, Assimilate and ModView.
  9. It would only have write protection if you weren't the owner of the file and didn't have permission to access it. You'd also find this stuff in the properties. You should open the file with notepad and see if the resolution is set to what you want it or if it's set to what it keeps defaulting to. I've also had issues where an installed mod that had it's own .cfg file caused conflicts and the base game would load it's .cfg rather than the one in the base folder.
  10. Hmmmmmm, that's a tough one. Maybe write protection on the jk2config.cfg file? Maybe it's set to "Read Only" in the properties? You'll find this file in the base folder.
  11. Try setting the resolution in game to match your desktop resolution.
  12. Yeah, this section hasn't been too active lately mainly because we're all on discord but the mod is still pretty actively being developed. Here's the link: https://discord.gg/MFQDwQ7 @@DT85, we got any use for someone who's just strictly fleshing out the basic structure? I know @@Jedi_Mediator was doing a role like that but he's been AFK for a minute...
  13. Sounds like a screen resolution problem, try going into the base folder and modifying the "jk2config.cfg" with notepad and alter the resolution by changing these lines... r_customwidth r_customheight r_mode "-1" For the width and height you'll need to enter your monitors native resolution. It sounds like you're zoomed in. I could be totally wrong, Macs are blasphemous machines in the PC gaming world. Weird that you have to use the compatibility settings, I don't have to.
  14. Yeah, what I did was make it as easy as possible, so far no one has tried to build a biped in another software. Link is in my signature, you'll find video tutorials and file links inside.
  15. All the equipment needed to wire my house with CAT6 wall jacks is on the way! Finally, no more WiFi from across the house.

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    2. minilogoguy18


      It's funny, I got everything BUT the RJ45 crimper and punch down tool lol. All the parts but no tools to terminate cable ends. Hopefully they come tomorrow so I can do this sunday.

    4. minilogoguy18


      I ordered the tools at the same time, some stuff just came way faster than estimated.

  16. Anyone know where I can find a Senya Tirall model for download? Doesn't need to be setup for JA or anything.

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    2. minilogoguy18


      Thanks but that's a weird format that I can't seem to find any info on. What are people using to convert it to something more standard like OBJ?

    3. Daedra


      Try Noesis.

    4. minilogoguy18


      That was the first thing I tried, guess I'm gonna have to do some digging.

  17. You need to make sure of one thing, the skeleton you used has the proper hierarchy and local transforms for each bone or you'll get some strange problems like ankles rolling the wrong way on slopes and neck rotating on a different axis when looking. I've been wanting to get around to remaking my rig in SI 2015 but lately I've been working harder than an ugly stripper and house shopping. BTW, the synoptic thing isn't very easy, best way is to get the base made in SI but switch over to Adobe Dreamweaver to get the hot spots drawn out in better detail, switching back and forth to check that everything works. Most of the scripting should be done in SI for simplicity but it's ability to draw a detailed hot spot region sucks especially in the small window they give you.
  18. Well I'm not sure what approach you took but it was pretty simple to do, just boring and tedious. I had the skeleton that was to receive the animations stored under a Model and imported the source file 1 at a time under another so that there were no naming conflicts. I also had a conversion table for some things but I'd simply store the fcurves and transfer them via the animation mixer.
  19. The animation rig I made already has all the missing bones, it's just not that easy to retarget the ones to match the rig controllers due to obvious transform differences. You could manually trace over them but it doesn't seem to be of much help to have all the animations in a editable file since well they're not really needed other than for reference. I did what you're doing once but using the source files since they also have the missing bones, just combined them into 1 file and had a animation mixer track with all the animations stored as clips and named properly but the file was lost at some point.
  20. We haven't heard from the original artist in a while, we're going to try to reach out at some point. All of the games characters will be redone.
  21. @@DT85 Might wanna skim this topic and remove the links, seem to all be on page #3. Not trying to be rude but the mod is still in early development and isn't available for release.
  22. Not sure where you got a link to the mod but it doesn't seem to matter since whatever you have doesn't work. The mod is not up for download to the public.
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