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  1. I just update the file yesterday (use the same hyperlink). Now it fits in tighter spaces. Due that change, also it's possible to use a lightsaber against the npcs.
  2. Of course, this is the link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mzp97y8zk712fhh/Boga.pk3/file
  3. HUM-3154, first of all congratulate you on release these models. This female varactila (Boga), I had to correct it. The model appears correctly as npc. The problem is when one invoke it as a vehicle. The corrections I made are as follows: the correct parameter (vehiclescale) to match the scale of the npc model; also the height, width, and length parameters in the .veh file; friction also because it "gets hurt" when reaching a slope; I also modified it to do damage when colliding with an npc. As it is a "vehicle", if you hit an obstacle it "gets hurt" too and its health goes down. I moved the driver's position lower on Blender. Anyway, after several hours of seeing how to fix all of this things, now I think it is almost ready: One problem that I couldn't correct is the player cannot attack an npc with certain weapons, except when using a blaster or rifle for example.
  4. Good work, but when I got a shot, it shows: Error: Ran out of transform space for Ghoul2 Models. Adjust MiniHeapSize in SV_SpawnServer.
  5. Very nice map, the files are in good state
  6. How about Whorm Loathsom and Lok Durd?
  7. Daniel


    Oooh, good work, maybe you can make the missing Witches of the Mist (The Clone Wars nightsisters)
  8. I think it needs only a modification in the hair (shape)
  9. Finally, a realistic and decent model of Anakin. During the seasons of the TV series, I've noticed that he has had three changes, two of which are official, and one remained unfinished. The first does not have long hair, the second has medium hair cut, and the prototype chapters (not rendered) he already has long hair as it appears in Revenge Of The Sith.
  10. Lee-Char forgot to attend the photo shoot...
  11. These models are more than great. It is still in need someone to do better realistic models of Anakin and Obi-Wan based on the TV series, including Yularen Wulff, Pre Vizsla, among others.
  12. Bossk 2.0 and Embo 3.0 are the closest approximation I've seen of the models from the television series, The Clone Wars. Keep that good work.
  13. I also want to fix the vertex normals in my high resolution model, because I have that error when I shoot to my model. I visited the following website and it seems that here found the solution using this vertex Editor: https://www.blend4web.com/en/article/131/. The problem is that this Editor works with Blender 2.74, and I use Blender 2.64 because I export from this version with the Jedi Academy Plugin Suite v0.2.2. What do you recommend?
  14. Daniel


    Mon Calamaris, Karkorodons, Anakin with his space helmet... Only remain Scuba Clonetroopers, Nossor Ri and Prince Lee-Char...
  15. Not referring to the playermodel animation, but the implementation of new items for the game (objects that the player would pick). That is for example, it would be interesting the player pick off the different lightsabers from 3D items, and use them (or implementing only the change of the lightsaber that the player has, into a different lightsaber, taking the lightsaber item by touching it).
  16. The face is 100 percent accurate, but you should enlarge all those heads, because those look a little small, as Kulan said in the forum.
  17. This is very good, but also would be interesting if someone made 3D animation for missing items (for example, each of the different lightsabers), or static animation for them (like the multiplayer game Jedi Outcast when someone created a server with the gameplay "Jedi Master")
  18. Very good reminiscence of Ord Mantell junkyard from Shadows of Empire
  19. Very good job!, but your imperial combat driver needs this appearance: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_combat_driver
  20. Daniel


    It would be good to have the Y-Wing of The Clone Wars.
  21. I found a flaw in the neck (the vertices are misplaced). The previous version didn't have this defect, perhaps when you modified the shape, the neck was altered. Otherwise, you did an excellent job.
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