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  1. This is an ESSENTIAL NPC. Unbelievable. It's everything I ever imagined of what Luke would look like after RotJ. Thank you for your hard work and generosity.
  2. Kyle

    Ben Skywalker

    Download's not working.
  3. WOWWWW! 11/10...! Thank you for your generous hard work! A keeper!
  4. Kyle

    Vampire (Tobe)

    This file isn't downloadable for some reason. I've refreshed the page numerous times, and nothing seems to work. Is their an alternate link that works?
  5. Kahzmat, I really appreciate how awesome your NPCs are - they all are uniformly well executed. If they came with NPC, Bot and Singleplayer support then they're utility would be greatly expanded. I'd love to populate maps with your creations. Keep up the great work!
  6. Kyle

    Zeo the Grey's Skin

    Another awesome creation, but... No NPC or bot support. *sniff-sniff* Please consider adding such support in an update. It'll be perfect then.
  7. This is a great release. It would be even better if it came with NPC and bot support. Please seriously consider adding these features to any potential future updates. Yeah, this looks terrific.
  8. Kyle


    Great work!
  9. Kyle

    Rosh reskin by Tobe

    What I appreciate with this is that it's tilted just enough to look "Dark Side" to still be a little bit ambiguous as to how Rosh's character will evolve over time. Honestly, what Rosh now needs is a voice pack that removes his whiny high pitch squeal of a voice. Within two seconds of him opening up his mouth, it's clear that he's going to end up on the Dark Side. He's the weakest part of the game. Dialogue that's too obvious, and voice acting that's too obvious. Too bad. GREAT work on this Tobe. Thank you!
  10. Kyle

    Malak reskin by Tobe

    Tobe, I worship all of your work. You're a MASTER of textures. Thank you for all of the work that you've released.
  11. Great work. Does it come with NPC and bot support?
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