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  1. Binny was a good guy because we always both wanted the same thing. Binny was always very persistent when it came to fucking with clans that were not base and had corrupt admins. That was about the only thing that him and I did not share in common, as it was easier for me to just let bygones be bygones and let shit go. Not Binny. Binny was very good at that, and I always admired him for that. Binny was one of those few online friends that I had that I knew for a fact if I had known him in real life, we would've been able to hit it off quite nicely and get along really well. In a lot of w
  2. Version 2.0


    These are Lightsaber sounds from the original trilogy of Star Wars. Again, they are mostly from The Empire Strikes Back. As before, these sounds are supported in both Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast.
  3. Resave mask.jpg as a standard jpeg instead of progressive.
  4. Great work Acro, keep it up! 5/5
  5. You need to use MDLOps. It converts binary MDL-MDX combo files to ASCII MDL files, which you can then use NWMax to import into 3ds Max.
  6. With the sounds being snagged from the movie making it illegal, this means there are a great many people out there committing copyright infringement. You've got the custom FX saber guys who port the sounds from the movies and build soundboards for their custom lightsabers on prop forums. (Technically building any Star Wars props of any sort that are of the likeness of the films is copyright infringement. There are only a small amount of exceptions to this. e.g. a "modified" Graflex 3-cell) You've got mobile application developers who have made lightsaber iPhone/Android applications that e
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