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  1. Binny was a good guy because we always both wanted the same thing. Binny was always very persistent when it came to fucking with clans that were not base and had corrupt admins. That was about the only thing that him and I did not share in common, as it was easier for me to just let bygones be bygones and let shit go. Not Binny. Binny was very good at that, and I always admired him for that. Binny was one of those few online friends that I had that I knew for a fact if I had known him in real life, we would've been able to hit it off quite nicely and get along really well. In a lot of ways Binny was kind of my guardian angel. If I had been having issues with an admin on a plus server and Binny had joined, instantly the admin would be more focused on Binny......and of course, most of the time, Binny would always find ways to outsmart the admin. Binny knew his shit and he was dedicated to it like no one else I've ever seen. He also took much pride in his work. Binny was able to point out many exploits to me in earlier builds of OpenJK. I'm always saddened when I see a fellow JKAer pass. No matter what entanglements I have with any of my JKA family, I still think of every single one of them as family. Yes, even you @@Jawfin. Although we do not agree on a lot of things and the fact that you have banned any/every person with a -[DE]- tag (lol), I still think of you as family in a strange, convoluted, sort of way. Despite the fact that we have all interacted with each other through a keyboard, we have to remember that on the other side is another human. Just like yourself, your brothers, your sisters, your fathers, and your mothers. Behind the keyboard, you never know what kind of challenges the other person is facing in their life. It's only until you see posts like this that it hits you right in the face of how human we all truly are. I don't remember the last interaction I had with Binny, but now I wish that I had. May the force be with you, Binny.
  2. Version 2.0


    These are Lightsaber sounds from the original trilogy of Star Wars. Again, they are mostly from The Empire Strikes Back. As before, these sounds are supported in both Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast.
  3. Resave mask.jpg as a standard jpeg instead of progressive.
  4. Great work Acro, keep it up! 5/5
  5. You need to use MDLOps. It converts binary MDL-MDX combo files to ASCII MDL files, which you can then use NWMax to import into 3ds Max.
  6. With the sounds being snagged from the movie making it illegal, this means there are a great many people out there committing copyright infringement. You've got the custom FX saber guys who port the sounds from the movies and build soundboards for their custom lightsabers on prop forums. (Technically building any Star Wars props of any sort that are of the likeness of the films is copyright infringement. There are only a small amount of exceptions to this. e.g. a "modified" Graflex 3-cell) You've got mobile application developers who have made lightsaber iPhone/Android applications that emulate a lightsaber that use Lucasfilm's sounds. It really depends on your purpose for Lucasfilm to send you a C&D. Normally if it is something nonprofit, Lucasfilm tends to look the other way. For example, the 501st Legion is a nonprofit organization that raises money for different charities all across the world by dressing as the villains from the Star Wars universe. Lucasfilm does not C&D them because they like what they're doing. Quite frankly whereas you are providing the sound files for the game free of charge, I don't think Lucasfilm really cares. I've really only seen C&D's from them when someone is making money off of their intellectual property. Besides, there is absolutely no way to make the sounds in likeness to the ones made in the movies and have them legal at the same time. If a custom sound from scratch even sounds like the ones in the movies, Lucasfilm could still C&D. The closer they sound to the ones in the film, the easier it would be for Lucasfilm to win that battle So there's really no difference in the end.
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