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  1. Creating a playermodel by XSI mod tool 7.5 We need this programs and files 1.Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool 2. SDK Academy https://jkhub.org/files/file/1137-jedi-academy-sdk/ 3. Jedi Academy skeleton: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1492-softimage-jedi-academy-character-skeleton/ Now: 1. You created any character model and divide to this parts Head Torso R_arm R_hand L_arm L_hand Hips R_leg L_leg 2. Export to obj. 3. Оpen XSI, File / Open, and open skeleton.exp file 4. You see it: 5. Import .obj modelfile 6. Now 7. Highlight all modelparts by Scene menu 7. Change Textured Decal to Wireframe for easiest highlight. 8. Press envelope / set envelope menu, (Change option Model to Animate in left upper corner of windowl) and highlight only blue bones Our necessary bones on the pic: Or use Scene menu and highlight bones from Envelope Operators pop. 9. Right click and set this. 10. Press Shift + H(unhide all), then press numpad 8. You see the window. Go to model_root / mesh_root /stupidtriangle_off, and you see tags. For object link just drag one object to another. 11. Now: bolt_l_leg_calf bolt_l_leg_cap_hips bolt_l_leg_foot l_leg_cap_hips_off -highlight and link to l_leg bolt_r_leg_calf bolt_r_leg_cap_hips bolt_r_leg_foot r_leg_cap_hips_off -highlight and link to r_leg bolt_head_back bolt_head_cap_torso bolt_head_eyes bolt_head_front bolt_head_left bolt_head_right bolt_head_top head_cap_torso_off --highlight and link to head bolt_l_hand bolt_l_hand_cap_l_arm l_hand_cap_learn_off --highlight and link to l_hand bolt_r_hand bolt_r_hand_cap_r_arm r_hand_cap_r_arm_off --highlight and link to r_hand bolt_r_arm_cap_r_hand bolt_r_arm_cap_torso bolt_r_arm_elbow r_arm_cap_r_hand_off r_arm_cap_torso_off r_hand --highlight and link to r_arm bolt_l_arm_cap_hand bolt_l_arm_cap_torso bolt_l_arm_elbow l_arm_cap_l_hand_off l_arm_cap_torso_off l_hand --highlight and link to l_arm bolt_back bolt_chestg bolt_hip_bl bolt_hip_br bolt_hip_fl bolt_hip_fr bolt_hip_l bolt_hip_r bolt_lchest_l bolt_lchest_r bolt_shldr_l bolt_shldr_r bolt_torso_cap_head bolt_torso_cap_hips bolt_torso_cap_l_arm bolt_torso_cap_r_arm bolt_uchest_l bolt_uchest_r torso_cap_head_off torso_cap_hips_off torso_cap_l_arm_off torso_cap_r_arm_off head l_arm r_arm --highlight and link to torso bolt_hips_cap_l_leg bolt_hips_cap_r_leg bolt_hips_cap_torso bolt_hips_l_knee bolt_hips_r_knee hips_cap_l_leg_off hips_cap_r_leg_off hips_cap_torso_off torso l_leg r_leg --highlight and link to hips hips --highlight and link to stupidtriangle_off stupidtriangle_off --highlight and link to mesh_root mesh_root --highlight and link to model_root Then export your scene to XSI and name exported file root.xsi Below settings. 13. Now we write car file. Called it model.car. This file contents: $aseanimgrabinit $aseanimgrab_gla models/players/_humanoid/_humanoid.gla $aseanimgrabfinalize $aseanimconvertmdx_noask models/players/yourmodel/root –makeskin -losedupverts You must install SDK Otcast before it. Paste _humanoid folder with GLA and CFG files from assets0.pk3 to SDK /base/models/players folder Then create base/models/players/yourmodel/ folder And paste to this folder model.car and root.xsi 14. Open model.car file by carcass.exe and receive GLM file. Then write model_default.skin file, pack to pk3, copy to base and viola Below videotutorial in english
  2. ('''\ ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ/''') Превед кроссафчег

  3. w.i.p.s dont like me. Many w.i.p.s are unfinished. If i create da mod, i publish it only when mod finished.
  4. I request tutorial with screenshots
  5. Version v1.0


    Princess Leia Organa - main female character of Star Wars :Original Trilogy. New better version of Leia Jabba's slave outfit.
  6. Jora custov



    Description: Trinity from the Matrix movies Developed time: 1 month Now supported "m 1" "m 2" skin Used soft: 3dmax 7.0, Milkshape 1.7.8, Photoshop 6.0, SDK JA This is my four JA model.From Matrix with love bugaga!
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