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    Definitely looks better than the original. The SWTOR Trandoshans are great to use in this case. You made the model look a bit more realistic. Nice work.
    For people thinking it looks weird, compare to a picture of Bossk:





    I think some people see good looking Trandoshans and are so used to JKA's weird looking one that they think the accurate ones look weird. :P

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    Academy for MP

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    Sweet. If I were to nitpick, it'd be that the spawn points added at the stage would be better if the player faced towards the centre of the map rather than outside. Apart from, great.

    Haven't noticed that. I'll look into it. :)


    EDIT: Fixed in 1.1  :winkthumb:

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    Qui-Gon Jinn

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    Alright thats fair. Wasn't my intention to come off as my model.

    My point is that if you're going to port a model, make sure to contribute to the mod in more than just porting it. You'll earn more respect that way from the community. Obviously people will say this is the best Qui-Gon model we have now (which is great :)) but you didn't technically make anything about it. Hopefully you get what I'm saying. Good job nonetheless. :lol:

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    Qui-Gon Jinn

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    So... how are they supposed to be different from Obi-Wan's, since they have all the same robes except for Windu with darker brownish robes and black robe for Anakin o_O

    It's pretty obvious:





    @Circa Well I just weighed and rigged the head then put it on HS robes. I don't understand the question?


    I'm saying you didn't really explain what you did compared to what you didn't do yourself. I updated the external credits section for you, since you were missing those. I know you said it's a port, but some people don't know what that means, and could assume you made it yourself.

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  1. If you're just adding a new pk3 to it anyway, why include the whole mod? Might as well implement the change in the original pk3. Otherwise you're taking downloads away from DT's file and confusing newcomers to thinking you created the model itself. That's always the tricky part about SP support mods. I used to make those all the time back in the day and I would receive dozens of model requests because people thought I made the models. :P

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  2. I'm just offering insight in a better creation for another member. This mod would do as a stand-by, I guess. So I'm voicing my "opinion" of it, whilst helping another member find a higher quality version of the mod.

    That's the sort of thing that you tell someone in private, not on someone else's mod's comment section where the author can see it. That's just asking for bad blood.

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    Arcann beta

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    people actually fell for the lame dlc?


    It got great reviews and I've heard all good things. So...yes?



    LOL guys I said it was a beta... I released this beta because I won't be able to work on it for the next month or two. I intend on releasing v.1.00 later with better textures and a cleaner model.



    Um, actually it's not. 


    If you're going to release it, you can't berate people for criticizing it. It's a good start, and yes I see it says "beta" but it's still a release, nonetheless.

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    Prequel Conversion Mod

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    Ever gonna revisit this? I love the concept but it's got bugs. Most annoyingly is Super Battle Droids are very weak. They almost always miss and their shots only do about 4-8 damage a hit on Master. Normal BDs are doing more damage than this.

    Probably, eventually. Though some of those issues are only fixable with code changes, which I can't do. Version 2 is already a WIP, I just need to finish it.

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