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    Kylo Ren (TFA & TLJ)

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    There is no NPC for the TLJ version. To achieve what you want (and the proper way to do it anyway for SP) is this:

    /playermodel kylo_ren model_default_tlj model_default_tlj model_default_tlj


    For unmasked:


    /playermodel kylo_ren_nomask model_default_tlj model_default_tlj model_default_tlj

  1. Having a problem with the mod, ive done everything correctly with install and key binding, except it wont register that the ingame menu is there it comes up with a message along the lines of Ingame character menu unavailable or something i cant remember, either way its not working for me, i would love for this to be able to work tho it sounds like an awesome mod, if anyone can help it would be very appreciated :)

    You put the pk3 in your base folder, right? You could also try added a few zzzzz's to the beginning of the file name so it would be zzzzzzIngameBlaBLabLa.pk3

    Nien Nunb

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    Don't trust anything that Microsoft copies from other companies.

    Please tell me you're joking right now...


    That feature has been built into Windows since XP.

    Nien Nunb

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    I use winrar but the site doesn't allows to upload "rar" files so I convert them to Zip with winrar.

    You know you can create ZIP files with just Windows, right? You just right click on the folder and go to Send To > Compressed folder.

    Nien Nunb

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    File unpacks fine. Beacuse you cant unpack it doesn't means is broken. Is your compression software.

    Actually I think its your compression software. All of your files have a weird issue. I always have to repack zip files. Only certain software can open them.


    Should be fixed now, @TechShaman, try again.

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