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  1. 3 hours ago, Futuza said:

    Kinda wondering if an unofficial patch/mod for JKA would be a good idea, I feel like there's enough small little things like this to probably justify making one at some point that just throws it all together for newbies.  A lot of projects like that end up dying though so I'm not sure its worth the effort.

    I thought about that as well. Might need to make a thread about it and get people’s input on what needs to be included. 

    it’s kind of what JK:E was supposed to be plus much more. 

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  2. 19 minutes ago, KyleRendar said:

    These are tagged as JK2 maps, they're actually JK3 maps.
    I remember playing this years ago, was nice to run through it again.
    You should reupload more old levels from massassi.net

    This one is a JKA mod but the previous 2 are JK2 mods. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Jonny T said:


    Doesn't matter which button I bind sadly, still getting the same error


    Try putting a whole bunch of Zzz's at the beginning of the PK3 file so it loads last. I've seen that work if you have other mods that mess with menus. So the file name would look something like zzzzzzzzzIngame_Char_Sab_Menu_v2

  4. 2 hours ago, Jonny T said:

    Playing JA Enhanced.... EVERY other single mod in the world works with it.... EXCEPT this one? If there is no fix I will just sadly delete it 😞

    Could it be a problem with JA Enhanced?? I doubt it tho as every other mod I use works except this one 😢

    I just tested it with JA Enhanced and it works. However I did notice that my instructions on this page were missing the key in the bind command. Make sure you do this command and replace "o" with the key you want to bind the menu to, unless O works for you.

    bind o uimenu ingamecharactermenu



       282    4

    His head size is hard to scale. I sized it that way based on his human head size. I'll see if I can make it a bit smaller , next version. Should be able to do it by this weekend. Thanks for feedback.

    Edit. 1.1 uploaded, waiting on admins for approval.

    Approved, but moved to this page. For future versions, please edit your existing file page, unless you absolutely want both versions available for download.

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    Jedi Temple

       1,713    14

    I actually had planned to upload it a few months ago, and even tried contacting the author but got no response. Then I forgot about it. Luckily the readme says it is okay to redistribute.

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    Jedi Temple

       1,713    14

    What's the difference between this one and the current one? Was the current one updated with more rooms or something else?

    It has an entirely different layout and a couple different rooms, yes. This one has the hangar, and I don't think the new one does. Can't remember exactly, but I used this map for a clan project and noticed the differences in both versions. The new one has some more polish in certain areas too, and brighter lighting I think. This one is very dark.

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    Jedi Temple

       1,713    14

    To be clear, this is the original map from 2007 that was made for MBII, but released separately. The MBII team later redesigned a lot of it to work better with their game modes. The current MBII version is vastly different than this one. However, this one is still amazing, and definitely one of my favorite maps of a movie location. I just wish it was bigger.

  5. I need help. I've been trying to use this launcher to play movie battles 2. It doesn't seem to working for whatever reason. I have put the correct location of Jedi Academy, but it still say's "Current Version Selected: Invalid". I've also put +set fs_game MBII in the command line options. The 'OK' button is grayed out so I can't proceed further. I'm running macOS Sierra. Maybe the launcher just doesn't work on this version?

    You have to use the MBII app to launch MBII, not this.

    Naboo Plaza

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    At first I thought the map was kinda boring (no offense, I mean, it is a simple box design), but then I saw the "secret" platform and it suddenly became interesting!

    No worries, I think it's boring as well. My map projects always have a motto when I first start them: function over fashion. This map was specifically made for that hidden platform. I just went in and made it a lot prettier than it originally was and decided to release it. :P

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    Naboo Plaza

       224    12

    It looks good, though the lighting doesn't seem to make sense. The roofs don't seem to cast any shadow.

    I felt like the skybox was more overcast feeling so I went for overcast lighting. If by roofs you mean the awning things above the doors, they do case some shadow but it is faint.

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  6. Yeah, these are intended for Single Player duels. But you can do whatever with them.


    Edit: Updated map to remove the Tavion npc spawn. Now you can enjoy without limits!

    I only point that out because maps labeled as "Duel" are intended for the Duel MP mode. You could just change the category to singleplayer.

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