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    OpenJK-Alt Server

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    Then give the option to reload map with cheats seems best.


    Cheat cvars won't be fixed when you turn them off like this and in fact, clients won't be able to reset to default if you turn them off on your server until they leave.

    That's already a thing with devmap though.

    Luke Skywalker - Jedi Master

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    Hey Circa, do you mind if I use this to make a Luuke? i haven't seen any mods of him and I think it'd be fun

    It depends on how much work you put into it. I can't imagine much would be different for Luuke, other than Anakin's saber for the NPC.

  1. if this isn't from the first teaser trailer then it isn't pure John Williams. its disturbing that so many fans thought that the trailer music was done by John Williams when it is very clearly modernised and not his style because it shows me (and Disney) that people prefer that kind of Hans Zimmer music to the rich, complex and classical sound of all the Star Wars movies. I think Star Wars would lose a lot of its impact if the style of music changed, there's just such a wonderful library of music that has been built up by John Williams that it'd be a shame to disregard it all.

    Nobody is disregarding anything. John Williams composed the TFA soundtrack. The trailer you're referring to was his composition, but someone else's arrangement. He still gets credit.


    With that said, John Williams, though an amazing composer (my favorite, definitely), is getting quite old and won't be able to do every new Star Wars movie. He didn't compose for Rogue One, but he is supposed to compose for Episode 8.


    I think disregarding the talent of other composers is more of a shame than to limit only John Williams as the sole composer of our lifetime. :P

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    Jakku Name Mod

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    Agreed, Blenjeel would have been a better choice. The level you changed is Mos Eisley, and it definitely looks like it. Jakku and Tatooine are both desert planets, but they wouldn't have the same architecture. :P also, Niima outpost is supposedly the biggest settlement on Jakku. So a city the size of Mos Eisley probably doesn't even exist on Jakku.


    That's just being picky though, the idea for this mod is actually really clever. Nice job.

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    Jedi Temple (Yavin IV)

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    I'm wondering if the spawn points could change to be in the central training room? Just thinking of how FFA servers work, where either people are dueling privately, or big FFA's are happening. Either spread the spawns out throughout the map or have the throughout that center room. Right now if you're dueling or FFAing, you have to travel quite a ways to get back to where you want to be. (especially if you're planning on making it bigger)

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