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    Lando Calrissian

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    Aww, was hoping to get the cape on all LOD levels rather than no LODs at all. Still better than before I guess.

    Might do that eventually, but not really in the mood to work on all that right now. Just don't spawn 50 Landos and you should be fine. :P

    Lando Calrissian

       717    14

    The pants on the General version could use some work, they look like cotton candy. I like the ESB one, the cape looks awesome.

    What's wrong with that? :P 


    But really, I tried getting the pants as close to the movie as I could. Maybe I'll revisit that eventually. :)

  1. Circa, would you fancy playing with the standard game font? I'd very much like to see it updated in higher quality and probably others, too

    Definitely on my list, but is a lot more work than how I do these fonts. I think @Grab has already done HD versions of all fonts and just needs to release them.

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