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    Circa's Menu Mod

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    I wanted a JK2 video, yeah. But wouldn't make sense for JKA. I wanted a JKA video that was long enough that didn't repeat a bunch, and that matched the music/mood. All the longer videos are action scenes. I wanted to make it pick a random video each time you brought it up, but not sure that's possible.

    Yavin 4 Riverside

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    Its definitely because of the fog and grass and such. I think it might be a bit easier than you think to optimize it a bit. I recommend posting a thread about it and getting some assistance from people that know more. 

  1. Ok I'm never sure what the policy with ported parts is. I'll update it then. Sorry.

    Well if you didn't create any part of a mod, you should always give credit to the original creator. Otherwise you're saying that you created it. :P

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  2. In addition to your mod I have an overall texture improvement mod and two high-res hilt mods. I know the hilt mods are the issue. Is there any way that I can bypass this?

    The easiest fix: rename my mod to have a bunch of Z's in the beginning of the name. i.e. zzzzzzzzzFixedSaberHilts.pk3. Basically you want it loaded AFTER the other mods.


    If you're using a hi-res hilt mod that replaces the hilt models, that's your issue then. You can't have 2 mods that replace the same thing. If they're Rooxon's hilts, they should already have this fixed. If not, maybe PM him and ask if he could.

  3. I have a couple mods that give more hilts and a mod for more colors. Would this specifically interfere?

    Probably not, but maybe try the process of elimination to see if they are. Remove all mods from your base except mine and see if it works then.

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