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  1. They just re-released both JK2 and JKA on Nintendo Switch and PS4 earlier this year. The reason they didn't publish it on Xbox was because it's already backwards compatible with the original Xbox version. That doesn't mean there isn't hope for a modern Xbox port like they did on the other consoles though. Anything is possible. You can play these games on super low end computers and laptops though, so it's recommended to just do that. Hell, I could sell you a used laptop or desktop for cheap if you wanted one just for JKA. If you're not wanting a computer then a Switch would be the next best cheap option to play it.
  2. @Gnarve check out the RP mod animations, they have some good gun animations. http://circa.im/files/jka/RPMod_Animations.pk3 The Clone Wars Animations mod has some great ones too.
  3. What if you just turned the texture completely black? Or just pointed it to textures/mp/black.jpg?
  4. They would need to be recompiled to work on android, so unless anyone with experience with that does it, it won't be possible.
  5. Is there anything in the console? Do you have any mods installed?
  6. I actually thought about doing this for all of the Jaden dialogue for people that want to play as Kel'Dor in SP. I may mess around and see what I can come up with.
  7. Or if you don't want to bother with making them show up in the menu, just use these commands:
  8. Topic moved to Coding forum.
    This is awesome, it looks like it would fit right in with the other hilts in the game.
  9. Tom Clancy's The Division is free on Uplay (Ubisoft Launcher) for the next 7 days. https://register.ubisoft.com/the-division/en-US I highly recommend trying this game out at this price point for sure. I played it at launch and then a couple years later. Launch was rough and the game wasn't as expected but they eventually made it quite good. I'm not a fan of looter-shooter games with gear score. I actually hate them. But this game is really cool. Definitely check it out. I may be a bit biased since I'm a huge Tom Clancy fan, but still. 😛
  10. Welcome! Feel free to post in our modding assistance forum to ask for help and take a look at the tutorial section to learn!
  11. Welcome! You'll find a ton of mods here, and if you can't find a specific one, check out the JK3Files archive for the rest!
  12. Moved topic from Tutorial section to Modding Assistance, since this is not a tutorial. Replacing the sounds themselves is just a matter of making sure they are the right format and file name, which you can do with Audacity. You could take a look at Gunslinger's Academy mod for sounds that already exist for JKA, or various other gun mods on the JK3Files archive like this one.
  13. Hitman (2016) is free on Epic right now. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games
  14. Did you edit the assets in any way or did you copy things you were editing? Do you have anything in the _humanoid folders?
  15. What mod? All you have are commands in that autoexec.
  16. No, don't put it in any PK3 file. Just put it in the folder, just like the other cfg files are. Similar to openjk_sp.cfg that is probably in there as well.
  17. Either would work. I would just leave it outside a pk3, since all other cfg files are outside of it by default.
  18. Move it to the OpenJK folder.
  19. Is your autoexec_sp.cfg in the OpenJK base folder or the GameData base folder?
  20. What do you have in your autoexec_sp file?
  21. @RASAS moved your topic to the OpenJK forum and renamed the title to be more clear. If I remember correctly, the autoexec for OpenJK was renamed to autoexec_sp.cfg
  22. Changed the default user avatar to be someone a little more familiar.
  23. This only works for NPCs, or when you use the playermodel command in SP, I believe. You'd need a good Hex editor to do it without any modeling software, although I'm sure Blender makes it much easier than it used to be. The _humanoid skeleton is referenced in the model.glm file itself. I always use Toshi's Yoda as a reference for this, since it uses it's own. I can't really take the time to explain how to do it right now, so maybe someone else can. Essentially, you open the model.glm file with a hex editor, find the line that defines the _humanoid.gla and change it to the one that you want.
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