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  1. Since you pretty much got everything else done in regards to arc equipment, would you like a rex helmet to go with those models?:
  2. Damn dude you've been busy! Makes me want to finish this now: Still need to work on the helmet, but he can at least be skinned for vizla blue from the show.
  3. Skin update on the deathwatch model: Pre-Vizsla:
  4. I remember that skin! Way back when Jk2files was very active. One of my first skin jobs lol.
  5. Actually no. Original file is from Corto here : https://jkhub.org/files/file/1516-boba-fett/ Made my own adjustments: https://jkhub.org/files/file/2667-ex-boba-fett/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/3539-ex-jango-fett/ Further improved said adjustments: https://jkhub.org/topic/11219-mandalorian-wip/ Side leg armor was created by me from scratch with the exception of the gun slot part, that was from movie battles 2 and was changed/modified and attached to the leg armor. I created the shin armor from scratch. In regards to skins, i changed the uv map on most parts of the corto model to make it easier to skin on my end. So I believe you are mistaken. Feel free to download the boba/jango to compare to any of your work. I currently don't have a real head model on any my re-works. Edit: Now if Corto stole your work, I wasn't aware of it and have no problem crediting you for the original model. Also if you can please be more specific as to what you are referring to, (the whole model, parts, skins) maybe we can further clear this confusion up.
  6. Would you like my deathwatch model? Pm me.
  7. Couple of updates: Deathwatch: Texture updates on boba fett:
  8. Textures is something I definitely need to work on. I am still learning in this regard. I understand the textures look "flat" in some areas.
  9. I know its been forever, but thought I share the fruits of my labor From top to bottom: Boba Fett ROTJ, Boba Fett ESB, Jango Fett, Jaster Mereel, Jodo Kast. Updates made: New Helmet, wider body, new waist bags. new body textures. Currently working on: Moviebattles2 - Working on RGB versions to fill out mandalorian options within game. Jango Fett - working on Geonosis version DeathWatch - trying figure out the holsters mainly The Mandalorian - looking for reference shots Request: Does anybody have some full body shots of "The Mandalorian" upcoming show by any chance? I would like to include it in this pack.
  10. Moderator: This project is dead (at least here), please close this thread.
  11. Will do, didn't see the edit button there on the screen. Thanks a lot!
  12. His head size is hard to scale. I sized it that way based on his human head size. I'll see if I can make it a bit smaller , next version. Should be able to do it by this weekend. Thanks for feedback. Edit. 1.1 uploaded, waiting on admins for approval.
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