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  1. This may be known to some older players, but you'd be surprised how few newer players know that Jedi Knight has a built in video recorder like all games running the id Tech 3 engine. Before I begin I must point out that these recordings can only be played back whilst in-game and not via a media player. Okay let's begin! Whilst in a server, open the console and type /g_synchronousClients 1. This is meant to sync yourself to all other players as well as the server itself to give the best playback once you're finished. This does have one big drawback, it will almost certainly lag you. This is why most players turn it off straight away after beginning their recording. Next type /record You will receive a message that the game is now recording to a specific file. It will also display the following to show you how large the demo file is: If you'd prefer to play without the lag, type /g_synchronousClients 0 Once you're done recording, simply type /stop (Short for /stopdemo) To play back your demo go to the main menu, select Play, then Play Demo Then select the demo you'd like to play Alternatively you can playback demos with the /demo command, e.g. /demo demo0002 You can also find all your demo files located in the following places: Standard JK C:/Program Files (x86)/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base/demos Steam JK C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Jedi Academy/GameData/base/demos If you're using a mod such as JAPlus then you will find your demos folder inside the mods folder.
  2. Before attempting this, please be aware that not all models have the ability to move their mouths. It would be a good idea to learn how to do this method on a model that does allow lip movements such as Kyle before trying on another model. Let's begin! Open the game (Multiplayer) and type /devmapall MapNameHere, for example /devmapall mp/ffa3 You will now be on a map of your choice with cheats activated Bind noclip to a key via /bind anykey noclip Bind taunt to a key via /bind anykey taunt Stand perfectly still, this means don't allow your character to perform the idle animation (Check the video to see what the idle animation is) Press the noclip bind Then afterwards, press the taunt bind Your character will now move it's lips and let out a taunt. The longer the taunt, the longer the lip movement animation will last. So for example if you had a 20 second custom taunt for Kyle then his mouth would move for 20 seconds as well. In the video I used SystemA to rotate my camera so I was in front of my character. Using the above method, you can record a video, cut the clips up and make it seem like the character is talking in sync with whatever audio you have (See the video at the end for an example) although it may take some time to get it to fit perfectly.
  3. This is based off the help BobaFett gave me in 2006 when I asked how to do this. I can not give support on any problems you may have with this tutorial, sorry. Tools Quake Army Knife (QuArK) GtkRadiant File archiver (WinRAR / 7zip / WinZip etc) This tutorial assumes you have previous mapping/modding experience and understand what entities are as well as how to place them on a map via co-ordinates. This tutorial is very brief and may take some experimenting to get it just the way you want it. First, download and install Quake Army Knife (See above) Okay let's say we theoretically wanted to add some effects to the map FFA3 (Tatooine), first of all you will have to extract the .bsp file from the assets and put it in your GTKRadiant directory in program files. Open the .bsp file in QuArK which will now show you the contents of the ffa3.bsp file. Save the entities file to the GTKRadiant directory as well as ffa3.ent (Plain text file with the extension changed from .txt to .ent), you will now have ffa3.ent and ffa3.bsp in your GTKRadiant. Now, all you need to do is edit that .ent file with a text editor and add your own entities. You may feel familiar with this file as it is very similar to the GTKRadiant entities window. Once you're done adding your own entities, save the file and close the file. You should see a file in that directory called q3map2 which is a compiler that can replace entities from the original .bsp with your new .ent file (See why it's called Quake Army Knife now ?). Open q3map2, this will launch a command prompt. Enter after that, you use the q3map2 compiler to replace the entities by the ones in the ent file using this command: q3map2.exe -v -game ja -onlyents There IS an alternate method which may be easier if you don't understand the above instruction. Open notepad and paste the following code: @[member='Echo'] off cls title Entity Recompiler - Wrapper made by BobaFett echo q3map2 entity recompile wrapper echo by BobaFett echo. m: cd X:\Program Files\GtkRadiant 1.5.0 q3map2.exe -v -game ja -onlyents %1 echo. echo Compiling finished, press any key to close this window pause>nul Replace "X:\Program Files\GtkRadiant 1.5.0" with the path to your GTKRadiant directory Save it as EntityCompiler.bat and place it in your GTKRadiant directory alongside your ffa3.bsp and ffa3.ent files. Now drag your ffa3.ent file and drop it over your newly created EntityCompiler.bat file. This will launch a command prompt and begin inserting the .ent file into the .bsp The time it takes depends on the map itself, some take a few seconds whereas some may take minutes. This is unrelated to the amount of entities you may have added. When the compiler is finished, the ffa3.bsp will now contain the entities you gave it! Make a .pk3 file and put your .bsp in it, remember to represent the directory it came from in your assets e.g. EditedFFA3.pk3 > maps > mp Please note that the pk3 should only be put on servers and not in your own personal base folder for everyone to see your entities. Example: Using fx_runner entities
  4. This game changed my life and I wanted to share my experience of the game after playing it since late2004 =) Hope you guys like it!
  5. Found this while looking up special editions of Jedi Academy, thought others might find it pretty neat. It's from the US version of PC Gamer magazine, issue 116 apparently. It's the best quality one I could find, I thought you guys might like it Click for full resolution
  6. Wow that brings back a lot of memories, JKFiles really had a great feel about it back then and I was sad to see it go at the time. Here's some nostalgia I saved, covering some old fan sites I used to frequent ;D Hopefully someone gets a kick out of it.
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