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  1. This is caused by removing a serverside mod that uses cg_stats. To fix it simply open the console and set this: /cg_stats 0
  2. This is always due to a new pk3 you've downloaded having a missing brace ( } or {) from an .npc or .sab file. You should either contact the author or you can fix it yourself by opening the pk3, going to ext_data then either sabers or npcs. Open all the files in these directories and check them for a missing brace. Here is an example of a working NPC file (Jawa) jawa { playerModel jawa weapon WP_NONE scale 75 health 10 snd jawa sndcombat jawa reactions 3 aim 1 move 3 aggression 3 evasion 1 intelligence 5 rank crewman playerTeam TEAM_NEUTRAL enemyTeam TEAM_FREE class CLASS_JAWA yawspeed 90 walkSpeed 55 runSpeed 150 dismemberProbHead 0 dismemberProbArms 10 dismemberProbLegs 1 dismemberProbHands 20 dismemberProbWaist 0 } Notice how there are two different types of braces before and after the personality instructions? Fix Check your .npc and .sab files in the pk3 you're having problems with and see if any braces are missing, if you find one then simply add it and save.
  3. Wow that brings back a lot of memories, JKFiles really had a great feel about it back then and I was sad to see it go at the time. Here's some nostalgia I saved, covering some old fan sites I used to frequent ;D Hopefully someone gets a kick out of it.
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